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Friday noon.


It is again 38 degrees of Celsius. I have toothache. My dentist doesn´t work. Three bad news. Otherwise, in the garden there is everything as it should be.

Echinacea “Maui Sunshine”.

Hydrangeas are fading in these temperatures…

Pure joy, which you can see only in animals :)


Hibiscus Chiffon…

…and sky with (unfortunately) any cloud.

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Hope that toothache subsides soon. Or that dentist gets back to work. Love the temperature. We are slowly seeing the beginning signs of spring. We have a new puppy joining our family in just over four weeks. Your garden still looks good. The ground is very hard & cold over here. The grass is very long & wet. The weeds are almost taller than the plants. Roll on spring!

24 Aug, 2012


Hi Dwyllis,

a new puppy? Where is the blog? Or photo?
Otherwise, thank you. Thanks to governmental policy it is harder and harder to get a good health care in time, but thanks to pharmaceutical industry, there still exist painkillers :))

24 Aug, 2012


Hope your toothache can get sorted soon cat, liking the sedum heads and the cat : )

24 Aug, 2012


Hi, Steve :)
Did you notice the Sedum? It is the great one, will show you the photo when it starts flowering :)
I feel better, thank you.

24 Aug, 2012


My sympathies on the tooth ache hope you get it sorted really soon.
The flowers are still looking lovely, I only wish you could send some of that wonderful sunshine and blue skies towards little old Britain.
I love cats and you're's looks as if he's enjoying the warm sunshine. Funny isn't it how cats always find the warmest most comfortable spots?

24 Aug, 2012


She (it is lady :)) likes sun, but this manouvers she usually does when she see me coming to the balcony. Sometimes she starts to run around me in circles :))))
I found her with broken leg and beated all over at the junkyard and brought her home. She limps, but otherwise she is a big manager and waits me each morning in front of the door :)

24 Aug, 2012


Sorry about your toothache Kat, i hope you get it sorted out soon, we've only had 20 degrees here and it's raining again... love that green and white Chrysanths very nice.. :-)

24 Aug, 2012


They come from Ikea, SL, lol. One euro for the plant.:))

24 Aug, 2012


wow :-)

24 Aug, 2012


Ups, checked the bill, it was almost three euros, but still -cheap.

25 Aug, 2012


Hi Katarina. Lovely pictures - and chrysants are my favourite. Hope you feeling better today:)

25 Aug, 2012


Thank you, Kasia, much better, almost no pain today. But you know, teeth can cause problems whenever, so I already booked myself for complete check-out, although have to wait till my dentist return from holiday :))) Murphy´s law :)
Hm, Chrysants are not my favourite so far, as they are considered to be typical cemetery flowers, however this one look like very good for cutting, too.

25 Aug, 2012


That's a good news Katarina.
I know what you mean by a 'cemetary' flowers. It was the same with pinks (dianthus) - a very socialist flower in my country, lol.
But here chrysants are just any other flowers.

25 Aug, 2012

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