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Katarinka (the monastery in forests).


Warning. If you do not like history, do not read this blog. As this time I will take you to the ruins of medieval monastery, which has laid for centuries in Carpathian mountains. It was dedicated to Saint Catherine of Alexandria, also known as Saint Catherine of the Wheel. According to tradition she was martyred in the early 4th century at the hands of the pagan emperor Maxentius. In early medieval age there was a strong cult of her and according to some sources she was both a princess and a noted scholar. Only in last centuries Catholic church declared her to be myth of Greeks minds. While in early medieval times women could teach even medicine in Universities (France, Neapol and surroundings, Sicily), since the plague it has been forbidden (here we go, Fran…:)).
The Orthodox Church venerates her as a Great Martyr, and celebrates her feast day on 25 November.
So, short introduction and let´s go to the “Katarinka”, as the sign on the road shows…

Meadows closed by jaws of woods are full of flowers. I use to pick here some herbal remedies for me …

The table here says “Silence is the most beautiful sound in the world”. Some of my enemies would agree :)

Although in gardens it doesn´t look like that, autumn has definitely arrived here.

Acorns still hanging on branches, wild radioactive boars will have to wait for couple of weeks :))

Hunters are preparing for the season too, dear boars, stay awake!

No, this is not extraterrestrial, this is just bee-keeper. Prices of honey are rising here, what about the UK?

Remnants of a small mountain railway, built in 1901.

We are approaching to the summer camp of “katarinkari”. This is neither sect, nor new order, but the name for young people who wish to learn traditional mason works and preserve ruins of the monastery Katarinka. For the time they spend here, they are not allowed to use cellular phones, to watch TV, they work on archeology and restoration of old buildings and cook traditional food without any electric devices. They also play different games, learn about forests and history. These people are usually Christians and university students, which is visible from this international information table:

Peep into the medieval camp with tents…nobody´s there…

Ah, here they are working…

This is prototype of medieval machine, which was used for…

…transport of massive wooden joists up there…

Crosses are everywhere – to protect those who reconstruct. of course, they have also helmets :)

Some nice floral motives over old walls of the church there, uncovered and probably soon again lost…

Blocks of historical stones, which (as somebody said) start to speak when they are used for buildings…

Do you remember this sky from my winter photos?

This blog was dedicated to all the volunteers of Katarina monastery project.

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that's a wonderful blog Kat, lovely pics with it too :-)

26 Aug, 2012


It could be better, SL, thank you :)) Unfortunately, it was little bit rainy photos are not as they should be.

26 Aug, 2012


What a special blog - I loved the info and reading and seeing your great pics. Loved it! LT

26 Aug, 2012


Thank you very much, LT :))

26 Aug, 2012


Very interesting and well presented LOVELY

27 Aug, 2012


Thank you very much, Dogsbod. I have noticed you are engineer - can you help with the name of the technical device on the photo in my blog? Thank you :)))

28 Aug, 2012


Hi the picture looks like a winch which offers mechanical advantage and probably incorporated a simple " pawl and ratchet " mechanism to prevent reversing.


And that's very kind of you to ask

31 Aug, 2012


Thank you very much. When I googled translation of what you wrote, and I am sure technically it is correct, it wasn´t the name of the machine as it was presented to me. Probably it is an old name for the whole machine. Doesn´t matter, we all know what it is for :))

31 Aug, 2012

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