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Radetzky March in Tulln gardens.


Three friends, my former collegue, his wife and me decided to visit Tulln gardens in Austria, which is 112 km from our place.
So it was
all the day :))
Very hot. Very sunny. Lot of speaking, making photos and refreshments with good strong coffee. Black as death and strong as life.
First I had to pick them both up. They have crazy little dog, Havana dog. She was madding from my presence…

Moments, when she was still, were very rare…

After the first wave of madness we could hit the road.
It took us one hour and something.
Here we are.

At the entrance there was a little shop and look, what we saw at the first sight – famous Mark´s insect hotels. All range of star hotels: with single or double rooms, with multiple rooms or rooms of different categories.

Mark, this is special zoom made for you – please, notice the prices. Just for your inspiration…how and where to make a lot of money :)))

Ups! Isn´t that Lulu over there????….

…she sometimes walks on the waters, too…and she also grows water lilies :)

No, it isn´t she…

So, help yourself and enjoy the gardens…
These are rows of grass with Sedum…

Hylothelepium “Xenox” casted beautiful shades of pink and grey…

Blue for Stevie…:)

A lot of space and seeds are required to make impression like this:

Perovskia and grasses…grasses

…a GhostGardener :)))

Austrians are green. Austrian are against nuclear power. Austrians are recycling. This is “Recycled Garden”.

Minimalistic garden for those, who like privacy.

I loved this place, working on something similar in my garden..

And a detail of some unknown plant, growing close to the bench…

Japan garden…

Inspiration for a cheap fence, if you live close to woods or river. Could be used also for fire :)

This one I liked most of all :)) – if you have long cold winters…

Lovely combinations…

Aaach, what a wonderful stretch and view…

For how long do you want me to wait for you, ladies?

We will think about it…

A pool for me…

Is this Steve´s water? Fortunately, no goosie here…:)

Rosa pimpinelifolia…

Dahlias of all sorts…

We don´t need another heroes, we need water…

…and clear vision…

A vegetable garden with some experts…

Very good idea! Just a short nap, please.

Are you dead?


If you do not get up, I will leave on this garden shuttle…

What a cool place…

E finito. Thank you very much for spending your time with me. Hope, you enjoyed it, too.

Anemone x hybrida Honorine Jobert (thank you Drc726 for ID).

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that's a great blog Kat, such lovely gardens and views, it looks like a special place. Great pics too. :-)

29 Aug, 2012


Thank you Katarina, very enjoyable.

30 Aug, 2012


Hi, Surreylad. Thank you very much :) I made much more photos, but that wouldn´t be a blog anymore. Do you have any idea what sort of flower could it be on the 26th photo from the bottom? It looked very nice.

30 Aug, 2012


Thanks for this great blog much enjoyed, I love how much of interest there is to see. The white flowers are Anemonies probably - Anenome 'Honorine Jobert' I have it in my garden great for flowers this time of year.

30 Aug, 2012


Drc726@Thank you very much. I meant those white long flowers on the 26th pic from the bottom.:) Those which look like candles...But thank you very much for ID of the bottom flowers...

30 Aug, 2012


Oh those are Liatris spicata alba Katarina

30 Aug, 2012


:)) Lol. That was quick. Thank you very much.

30 Aug, 2012



30 Aug, 2012


sorry Kat was at the dentists today, i don't think they are Liatris alba as they don't normally have multiple branched flower stems,but then again i don't have my glasses on :-)) it may be a type of ligularia or cimicifuga paul may know..

30 Aug, 2012


Black cohosh, you mean?

30 Aug, 2012


Ah, SL, what a trouble teeth are doing to both of us, lol. Hope you feel better :))

30 Aug, 2012


Yes that one i think Kat :-)

yes teeth much better now thanks after 4 injections and 3 fillings :-/ glad that's over.. how are yours now?

30 Aug, 2012


I have appointment at my dentist next week. I do not have pain now, maybe it was just injured hum, but anyway have to check.
Yesterday I googled black kohosh and I think it is the one on the picture. It was much higher and branched, then liatris alba. Thank you for ID.

31 Aug, 2012


When I googled the black kohosh I saw it dould be the one on the picture. As it was really branched and higher then Pieris. However, I have never seen it in GC, wonder why. It looks very elegant among annuals.
I have appointment in dentist next week. Now I do not have any pain, maybe it was just injured gum, but have to check teeth annually anyway :))) I do not like dentists...

31 Aug, 2012


Now this is what? When I wrote first answer to SL, it showed me blank. So I rewrote the answer again and now they appeared both under the blog. Sorry, SL, I did not intend to speak about my teeth again and again, lol.

31 Aug, 2012


Lol Kat, it does that some times, i'm glad your not in pain any more i hate dentists too but it's something that has to be done..

31 Aug, 2012


Great blog, full of fun, loved the gardens, especially the formal and the Japanese......

3 Sep, 2012


Thank you very much, DD :)

4 Sep, 2012


Great blog Katarina, I really enjoyed your day out and the photo`s are really good, thankyou for sharing...
Nearly forgot to say, your friends little dog is a real cutie..

14 Sep, 2012


What a beautiful place! Thank you for sharing - and for the Radetzky March. We always listen to the New Year's Day concert.

15 Sep, 2012


Lovely blog enjoyed a lot.

15 Sep, 2012


Thank you, Brian and Melchi :))

15 Sep, 2012


Melchi@is Radetzki March played on the Newar´s Day in the U.K., too? I thought it is specific for Austria.

16 Sep, 2012


The Vienna concert is usually televised here on January 1st. It's a good way to start the year!

16 Sep, 2012


Really? That´s nice. Same here :))

17 Sep, 2012

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