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Apples, strudel and other important things


This blog I dedicate to Steve, the chutney master and to all friends, whom I cannot but would like to invite for a strudel with ice cream and coffee.

So – you know, I have several apple trees in my garden and ths year I have enormous crop.

In spite of all my efforts, there must be lot of them left for birds and insect. But it is a good fertiliser for the trees for the next year, as well.

Apples are very healthy, as they are very low in saturated fat (yes, they do contain it!), but rich in fibers and vitamin C, with lower content of iron, vitamin A and calcium. So, whoever from you has a high blood cholesterol, wants to loose weight or make bowles move – take three apples a day. One of my patients, many years ago, she was a professional theater dancer with a very nice figure at her sixties. She told me her secret – for years she ate one apple each morning before the breakfast. Do not know if it was the secret of her beauty, but she was a fox in her sixties.
You can make compot, salads (apples with horseradish is very delicious and healthy with fatty meat), chutney (), apple cakes, appelgebak or strudel from it. All formulations of apple cakes are delicious when served with icecream or whipped cream with a cup of coffee.

So, let start with strudel. What we need…
Apples….decorticated and washed in lemon water…

Then you will need – pastry (this is from the shop, who has time, can make a home-made one), sugar, prezlo, one egg, vanilla sugar, raisins, cinnamon sugar, ground cinnamon – and of course apples!.

I put a lot of cinnamon (as ground cinnamon or cinnamon sugar), as the second healthy foodstuff in strudel is cinnamon. It also lowers cholesterol, regulates blood sugar, it has anti-clotting effect in the blood, boosts cognitive function and memory and is high in mangan and iron. It was all proven in experimental/clinical studies. It also reduce proliferation of lymphoma cells and yeasts, so cinnamon is really a food for people with blood cancers. For instance the perfect variation is cinnamon tea (made by cooking cinnamon) or compot made from apples and cooked with cinnamon, piece of lemon and cloves…I make it from this large cinnamon which I bought in Emirates and it has divine taste – much better then the one from Ceylon, imported to Europe.

But that´s another story and next recipe, maybe…
Prezlo should be baked shortly, you have to stir constantly until the colour of prezlo turns pink. That´s it.

You need also butter – melted. Did you hear about healing properties of Indian ghee?

A puff pastry spot with few drops of olive oil and then sprinkle it in the middle with apples cut into slices, cinnamon sugar, crystal sugar, vanilla sugar, prezlo, raisins (I give as mucha as possible, better more raisins and less sugar, it makes the cake juicy) and carefully wrap it all in the pastry. Before that, pour liquified butter on it.

Looks good, doesn´t it?

Wrapping is the high art here, as the content must be wrapped tightly before baking. Egg will help to glue it (it is hand of my mom who assisted, as it is hard to work and make photos of your hands at work, lol).
So, mummy is ready for stove.

Put it into preheated stove (180 C). Once it is in, increase the temperature to 200 C and bake it for 25 minutes (monitoring is required). I made two mummies….just to be secure for the weekend coming.

And here is the final result. Picture of the cake served with ice cream and whipped cream will come later, as I forgot to buy vanille ice cream.

Something was left also for guinea pigs – they are the animals, by the way, who are not able to synthesize their own vitamin C, that is why they need apple a day :)

I always wish to pay for a special cooking/baking course in Italy. I have heard, they are fantastic. It must be fun as well, as I know Italians very well. One day, maybe…

So, today was a busy day. I am absolutely blogged out :)
Bon apetite!

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Wow a really great blog, and an honor : )
Looks delicious, am definately going to have a go at making this. My neighbour has some apples ; )

thanks very much for putting this on Kat

15 Sep, 2012


thats a fantastic blog katarina, put it in my favourites, looks really delicious! i must have a go at making it.
must have taken ages to make this blog ~ i hope you are now sitting with your feet up eating a slice of the wonderful strudel!!

please can you explain what prezlo is?

15 Sep, 2012


Looks absolutely delicious, Kat, good job you're not round the corner, I'd have been there in a flash and eaten a whole one double quick, lol! I'm still wondering what 'prezlo' is though...
One drawback with apples - if you suffer with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, they're on the list of things not to eat. I find I can get away with cooked apple, but not raw... so I could easily eat your strudel, luckily;-))
Do you ever make paklava? My mother in law was (she's dead now) Serbian, and they used to make their own every Christmas, much nicer than the stuff in the shops...

15 Sep, 2012


I can taste it I swear, it looks and sounds delicious, also added to my favs, thankyou Kat, very imformative blog although I also need to know what prezlo is.

15 Sep, 2012


looks fantastic Kat, a great blog and one that i'll print out for later :-)

15 Sep, 2012


Thank you, folks.So prezlo is what you did not understand my dear friends...are you English by blood? This is expression I found in your English vocabulary, so far...Lol. OK. Prezlo is probably germanized expression for English...prezlo=breadcrumbs.
Hope now it is clearer.
Bamboo, I am so glad I found after years a topic besides plant diseases which made you react :) Lol. I would like to invite you for strudels and other specialties. I think you are speaking abour baklava. Sure, I know it.
Steve, glad you like it :)

15 Sep, 2012


All than and cream too - we shall all be queuing up to come for a visit.

15 Sep, 2012


LOL. :)) Thanks.

15 Sep, 2012


That's a must for when my neighbours present me with several boxes of their apples. :o)

16 Sep, 2012



16 Sep, 2012


Oh breadcrumbs - I googled prezlo, but all I got were Facebook entries for various people, lol

16 Sep, 2012


Hahaha. Wait, I will check it.

16 Sep, 2012


Lol, Bamboo, I found something, too, but I cannot upload it, lol.
OK. The thing happened like this. I googled Translator and put Slovak word "prezle" (breadcrumbs), which in fact is not a Standard Slovak, but noun used by people from old Bratislava (our capital was once three lingual town, where all people speak German, Hungarian and Slovak and so some words were united by all three, prezlo is one of that). It showed me PREZLO as translation. So google is stupid, not me, lol.

16 Sep, 2012


I never thought you were stupid, Kat, lol! I KNOW Google gets things wrong - you should have seen the map it presented me with when I was going somewhere - it showed my destination on the wrong side of the road. Luckily, I sort of knew the area anyway and realised before I went.

17 Sep, 2012

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