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Noris birthday.


For Noris this was his first Christmas and first birthday. He has got electronic cat, moving back and forth, and producing all those cat´s noises. He first ignored it, then, when it had rushed onto him several times, he bited it back. Later he carefuly smelled the area below the toy´s tail and started to play with it. Unfortunately, the cat “parked” under the armchair.

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That looks like so much fun even though he looks a bit perplexed in some of the photographs.
Happy Birthday Noris, I hope you enjoy Christmas with Kat, be a good boy and you might get an extra special dinner....
Merry Christmas to you Kat and Best Wishes for 2014.....

24 Dec, 2013


Hi Katarina my wife wants a Noris for Christmas now she's seen him.

24 Dec, 2013


Linclass@Thank you for nice wishings. I also wish very Merry Christmas filled with a lot of love and joy, stay in light and warm (I have hust watched TV showing many households staying without electricity over there due to storms).
Noris is a great actor, but that is actually characteristics of all French bulldogs. I had very tough recent years, so I intensiously bought a dog with sense of humour, lol. Now when you said he should have got special dinner, I realised he didn t get any special, only pancake with honey, must think of it tommorrow. Roythefoot@No, I will not sell my best friend :-) For nothing in the world. But yes, French bulldog is a good choice for women who want to lose weight and be happier. Merry Christmas to both of you.

25 Dec, 2013


Happy belated birthday wishes noris,merry christmas katarina and we hope noris enjoys it to,woof woof from bonnie:))))

25 Dec, 2013


Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to Noris and Kat ..

enjoy ! :o)))

25 Dec, 2013


Lol, Mark, I will forward your greetings in dg language :-) Hi Terra and Snoopdog@Thank you very much for nice comments, hope you enjoy the Christmas time as we do.

25 Dec, 2013


Party fun for Noris and Kat ..
Don't forget your festive hat ...

Pavlova is all iced with white ...
Winter lights are shining bright ...

Gingerbreads from USA ...
Santa brought them on his sleigh ...

Clever Jitka made them all ...
Her designs, they do enthral ...

Have fun with your robot cat ...
Birthdays are the time for that ...


25 Dec, 2013


Kat the wind dropped and we have had a beautiful christmas day full of sunshine, in fact at midday it was more like a spring day, Brynner and Morgan enjoyed their turkey dinner, Ollie, Tipsy and Caspar( the cats ) are having theirs tonight)....
I like the poetry Terra....

25 Dec, 2013


Thanks Sue ..
and I'm glad you enjoyed a sunny, mild Christmas
.. It was likewise for us ...
I hope good weather for Kat too ...

25 Dec, 2013


Now what a wonderful poetry, Terra, I love it! :-)
Will share it on the Facebook :-)
Hi Sue, I wonder, if you have also that custom, that on Christmas a good landlord must feed his animals first and then sit at the table?
Our weater was similar, it was windy on Christmas day, but nothing compared to your storms (My three lanterns, which I hang on garden trees were not blowed out) and very sunny. The forecast says it will be like this plus 8 degrees of Celsius till the New Year Eve.

25 Dec, 2013


Noris has such a worried expression, I trust he enjoyed his Birthday, and managed to retrieve his new toy!! ⛄

26 Dec, 2013


Cute blog Katarina. All the best to you and Noris in the coming year.

26 Dec, 2013


Thank you Dottydaisy and Klahanie. Merry X-mas to you.

26 Dec, 2013


Thank you Dottydaisy and Klahanie. Merry X-mas to you.

26 Dec, 2013


Dogs with wrinkles are beautiful!

8 Jan, 2014


Oh, yes! I love his wrinkels and often kiss him on them. He is becoming a spoiled kid. Must keep him more tight. As he grew up, he started to attack other dogs, just passing by, quite often three times larger then he is. I have to consult what is the problem, as otherwise he is very balanced, although a bit hyperactive.

9 Jan, 2014

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