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A document of one of the last nobles in the Czech republic, she has already died. But her narration on the nature, stars and butterflies – and life – is amazing.

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Thank you Katarina. I found it interesting. Such hard life and a sad story . Do not you think?

15 Apr, 2015


In spite of all, what a wisdom and humility in her.

15 Apr, 2015


Could be, but I do not see the world in the same way. She was very intelligent and her wisdom was obvious but so negative. She withdrew from the life for a reason I do not agree with, chosen to live the way she did and considered herself dead. Her talent and philosophical nature could be put into good use to enrich other people lives. Especially children. She would be a good educator. Instead she has chosen to vegetate and found a peace in that (perhaps). I found her negativity quite disturbing.
I understand that her character was made by the past history as a noble person growing in time when nobility was on the way out . She seemed to be a strong person but events in her life broke her and basically destroyed her..
Although, I look on her situation from outside, from far away and maybe even misunderstood the essence/message of that piece..

My moto in life is:
if life throws you a lemon...make a lemonade.

if life shutters into pieces ....vacuum.

But of course many times it is easier said than done.

Nevertheless, I found the piece interesting view/study into a person's mind.
Sorry if my assessment does not agree with yours.

15 Apr, 2015


Hm. I pretty understood her. Why should she take care for kids of those, who robbed her family? She took care for her disabled mother, father and finally brother, who was assassinated. Maybe because I lived 50 years in this country, where nobody who robbed others - no matter, if it was of life, real estate or hopes - has qualms of conscience. For me that film is a picture of a disappearing generation.

16 Apr, 2015

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