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Slovak "Stonehenge" or what you have never expected...


Rondels in the Central Europe are dated to the era 4,500 – 6,500 years ago. According to Charles Tanguay Le Roux of the French Academy of Sciences, Holíč is the most eastern place with the presence of menhirs in Europe. The ancient rondel (shrine) in Holíč was 60 metres long and was made from 25 stones.
The stones were placed in two circles, while there was a variation of small and wide “female” stones with tall and slim “male” stones. In the middle, there was the main idol.
What you can see is just 1/3 of a former rondel, as 2/3s were destroyed by socialistic “developers” building blocks of flats here :-(

The placement of cult stones within them had astronomical and mainly magical meaning. The main idol is made from stone with the total height of 6.8 metres. The stone is decorated by symbols cut into it, such as mattock, hammer or axe; hook or hook-plough in the middle under it. The wheel represents divinity.

Oldest civilisation on the European continent is dating back to the latest period of the Stone Age (Neolithic) between 4800 and 4600 BC. This civilisation, building circular ‘temples’, is said to have been founded by the descendants of ‘nomads from the Danubian lowlands’ and after a ‘short period of two to three centuries’ ceased to exist in all over Europe.

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