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Gardening on a steep slope.


By kate123


Over the weekend, we decided to prune hard one of the long-standing shrubs. Think it’s a sea buckthorn (Hippophae). It had become quite woody, and it needed to have a real hard chop! There are several others up much higher which are doing ok and have plentiful orange berries on. Hopefully it’ll do fine, saying that, there’s a nice juniper, pine and dystilium waiting to flourish now it’s gone..of sorts.
This area looks much greener and tidier now. The birds have adapted straightaway and found another shrub to land on prior to hopping on to one of the feeders.
There was quite a bit of leaf drop from the sea buckthorn, obviously with the season changing. I’d planted up some nice succulents at the bottom behind the log store, next to the steps. The leaf drop was getting right in amongst it all too, much tidier now. I usually use a small artists brush to sweep any leaves or debris away from succulents. Wonder if anyone else is overly particular? :)

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It sure is Julia! Thank you for your kind comment!
You’re so right. If we were all the same, it’d be very boring!

25 Sep, 2019


Hi Kate, at work I had to be 'particular' at home I have no such compunction, Ima great believer in the power of the wind to move things, [not always to where I want them, but as Meadowland says HEY HO, Derek.

25 Sep, 2019


I love how my junipers look in the clear, tall, green, tidy - with no debris or twiggy things around them. I have to be on guard for things like White Snakeroot, Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Virginia Creeper. They spread aggressively and are potential hazards. That darn orange day lily keeps popping up everywhere, but at least it's edible. Just before the buds open, I'll pick them, stuff them with ricotta, a lite breading and deep fry them. Quite Yummy. I also found a use for the wild mint - mint lemonade; the most refreshing summer drink imaginable. Amazing what a difference a little work can do.

25 Sep, 2019


There is nothing wrong with being particular, Kate. My husband usually refers to me as 'that mad woman' when I am up a ladder trying to get the last couple of inches off our Cotoneasters.

26 Sep, 2019


Gardening on a slope is difficult. I used to have a steep garden once so I know all about it. You have some suitable plants for it.

I am not so particular … well I am really if I am honest, but I haven't got the time to be as particular as I would like to be :)

26 Sep, 2019


Kate I'm sure I saw a program some time ago about the health benefits of sea Buckthorn fruits I didn't take too much notice at the time it might be worth checking it out ..

27 Sep, 2019


they are very rich in vitamin C but they have quite a 'sharp' taste to them.

27 Sep, 2019


Hi Derek, I do agree, some things I’m more than happy to see the wind help me out with spreading a little love, so to speak, sometimes I love to see some wildflowers up on the hill appearing as if by magic!

Bathgate, I like the architectural shape of the junipers, especially a few planted together. I’ve some mint, also a couple of patches of spearmint too...sounds a good idea to brew some tea. I’m impressed by your lily concoction! I love ricotta, a favourite cheese!

Thanks Linda, I’m a bit OCD about some things, not everything. I’m often up a ladder too!

Thanks Hywel, it’s an on going trial to see what plants survive or at least try to thrive. I think sometimes, there are areas in the garden we really focus on being quite particular. Other areas, we tend to think..looks ok, it’ll be fine! ;)

Thanks Amy and Eileen, I’ll have to google this now! Something I didn’t know, be interested to read up on.

28 Sep, 2019


Interesting blog Kate. I have a dry bank that will soon need planting up and when I saw your Buckthorn wondered if it would do the trick. But them realised it grows in profusion all over the sea cliffs here and if it spreads like that there i can't risk it here! Re the berries I read that the skins are very thin and trying to pick them you can get covered with juice and stabbed with the thorns. Perhaps best just to look at them...

Your border looks extremely neat - please don't look at mine, it would take more than a little paint brush to tidy that up!

29 Sep, 2019


Hi Sue, I wondered where you had gone to? Good to see you back!
The buckthorn was planted up with several other hardy, self caring plants when we moved in. It was a new build with landscaping all around. The bund is a sort of sound barrier. They have grown quite well, sporadically, but have taken a couple of decades. I agree, very spiky, aggressive plant! I needed very, very thick gloves to prune and chop!

Thank you for your comment, much appreciated! Saying that, I don’t have a big garden Sue, easier to keep on top of’s petit... :)

1 Oct, 2019


Interesting blog, Kate ... I've added to GoYpedia so others can find it at a later date.

10 Nov, 2019


Thank you kindly, Terratoonie. Really appreciate it. :)

10 Nov, 2019


Sorry Kate I missed seeing your comment before. Where had I gone to? I don't understand it but Goy suddenly wouldn't let me in. Glad its seems to have sorted itself out now, I was getting withdrawal symptoms! Thank you for missing me!

10 Nov, 2019


Hi Sue, I’m pleased things got sorted out for you. One minute you were around on the forum, then you weren’t. I was pleased when you said it had been GOY related previously and not health issues. It was good to see you back on! ;)

11 Nov, 2019


Thank you Kate!

11 Nov, 2019

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