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Back of the log shed, bottom of the bund.


By kate123


I decided to tidy the ‘little’ bit behind the log shed where one of the water buts lives.
It’s an area at the bottom of the bund hill, with a few brick steps leading to one of the bird feeders.
The bund is almost vertical! However, we’ve sort of managed to mould it slightly at the bottom to be able to plant it. I planted a newly purchased fern at the bottom.
It’s never really tidy…between blasted wood pigeons trampling their big blasted feet all over the plants and pooping just about anywhere…plus Eve and some other cats have fashioned a little path skirting round the plants and up to the top of the bund…
The rosemary grows fantastically, I’ve a fern still sleeping, some euonymus, buxus balls, mint and thyme a little higher up, viburnum – which will be massive eventually, an acer or 2, and some other bits and bobs..
I took out a hebe in another corner of the garden, I just don’t seem to be able to grow them successfully..I’ve planted a little Daphne I bought from Eileen. I do hope it’ll be ok what with these frosty nights. 🤞
Repotted and potted up a couple of plants..
Tidied a little area near the pond..the carex ‘Everest’ has been partially destroyed by Eve and her ‘passing of water’…but, once the fern which is behind this grass emerges, it will hide the ‘tatty’ back side of it! Planted a little skimmia I also bought from Eileen..fingers crossed for this too 🤞
The weather has been gloriously sunny hasn’t it! The temperature is quite deceiving as it felt quite warm in the sunshine…sat down to admire a butterfly, a bee and more..

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Aren't the Heritage pots lovely,K....saw some at the GC today.They have developed some paler colours. Hosta is shown off well growing through the cobbles.

17 Apr, 2021


Lovely blog Kate. Yes it was like summer in the sun today, but in the shade it was still very cold. Just great to spend most of the day in the garden 🙂.

Love the Rosemary ... I must take cuttings of mine.

17 Apr, 2021


All looking bright and tidy - very cheering but don't overdo things and get too tired.

17 Apr, 2021


I do love your separate 'little areas' Kate. You have such an 'eye'.
Maudie is in the g'house raiding the grasses too, so I understand your resignation with the 'Everest'!
I notice you use pebbles to cover a lot of your soil. Do you find it works well as a mulch? It certainly looks effective and tidy.
I feel for your annoyance with the woodies. We are still feeding our blackbirds etc.with suet pellets in the borders but the damned things flatten every plant in their path. And the mess from the arches is a pain.
We should take time to sit and enjoy the insect visitors. Much more calming!!

17 Apr, 2021


Very pretty part of your garden Kate and excellent photography. I also like your Heritage Garden pot. .

18 Apr, 2021


Thank you, Julia. I’ve a few of the heritage pots now, they have a few beautiful colours don’t they!
This is the first hosta to peep through and sprout so far..

18 Apr, 2021


Thanks Sheila. Yes, it really did perk me up today. I agree though, it was cold in the shade. I heard the little girl say the same to her Dad - it’s very cold in the ‘shadow’ Daddy!
I’ve tried to take some cuttings of one of the rosemary plants - hoping they do well!

18 Apr, 2021


Thanks Sue, that’s very kind of you. I am just taking it easy at the minute, getting there though..which is really good!

18 Apr, 2021


Thanks Ange, I’m pleased you like the different little areas in the garden.
So, Maudie is an ornamental grass nibbler too! I guess it’s aiding their digestion! I actually bought a couple more just for Eve. I’ve one in a pot near the back door for her to munch on!
I think the cobbles and some of the smaller stuff I’ve used seem to help of sorts regarding mulching. Also used decoratively, but seems to work as an all rounder.
I do agree -love the blackies and the little birds...but jings, those woodies!!!!! I’m always shooing them away or sending Eve out to chase them!!!😁 in a small garden, they seem so big and messy!! Grrr...
Yes, we just want harmony in the garden..bees buzzing, dragonflies flying past and butterflies just being there and looking pretty!!!!

18 Apr, 2021


Thank you kindly, Klahanie! I appreciate your message. It’s lovely feedback. 😊

18 Apr, 2021


I like your yellow pebbles, and your photos of course.

19 Apr, 2021


Your garden looks lovely, the stones certainly set off the plants and must keep in the moisture. You must wash them regularly, any stones we have get dead leaves between them and then a build up of debris! Wood pigeons are a real pain, I was under the impression that when we had the huge Leylandii hedge cut down to about 8 ft (trunks covered in ivy really now) the pigeons would go away, lacking nesting sites. But there is still a few about, one annoying one in the Bay tree near the bedroom window who starts early in the morning it's monotonous call. One out there somewhere thinks its a Cuckoo, doing a long drawn out cooing 'Cook' followed by a 'Coo', irritating!
It was lovely and warm in the garden here today, I hope you had a good day too.

19 Apr, 2021


Thanks Sue 😊

19 Apr, 2021


Thanks kindly, Honeysuckle, I do appreciate your feedback about washing the stones/cobbles.. and oh those wood pigeons! They do seem to irk a lot of us!!! It just shows that despite you trimming your leylandii trees - they are still bothersome and determined! The annoying ‘call’ also..grrr..repetitive monotony as you say. I often hear them trampling on the house roof, I can’t believe how loud they can be!
I’ve had a pleasant day, thanks, traversing the lovely Lincolnshire countryside, hoping your day was a good one!

19 Apr, 2021


What a great scene to great you when you go to your water butt, and the pebbles really show up the vibrant green of the hosta and fern.

20 Apr, 2021


Aw thanks Stroller! That’s a lovely message, very kind of you!

21 Apr, 2021

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