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Kirton Lindsey - lovely doors and gardens.


By kate123


I do like the ‘little town’ of Kirton Lindsey in Lincolnshire. It’s not ‘flat’ like many people believe most of Lincolnshire county is – it does have little hilly narrow lanes and pathways and streets.
I do have a few patients living’s quite a pretty place with quaint gardens and cottages.
One thing I do enjoy taking pictures of..doors!!! Home and abroad..not sure why!
Anyway, I took these pics midweek when my car registered 32 degrees. Much too hot to work really!
I was speaking with one of my young patients ( mid 20s ) I mentioned Kirton and how I do like it and it’s such a nice place to live. This patient lives in a village nearby. He said – yes, but it’s full of old people!!!!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️

White climbing roses on the edge of the old manse.

Pink climbing roses on the edge of the old manse.

Beautiful white tree peony flower.

Vivid red traditional roses.

Fading blooms of an apricot peachy coloured iris.

Tree peony pink magenta.

Big blousy pink peony flowers.

Now this is rustic!

Charming cottage with rustic wall and pretty pink climbing roses.

Green door, simple garden – work in progress next to the steps?

Lime House.

Ivy Cottage.

Number 11, Prospect House. Pale blue door.

Another lovely pale blue door.

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Thanks for sharing your happy day Kate 🙂🙂.

18 Jun, 2021


Thanks for reading, Sheila! Xx

18 Jun, 2021


You do have a lovely way of viewing things Kate. The roses in your photos are gorgeous and you too found some pretty peonies!
The doors are really interesting and as for the final powder blue door it is so pretty!!
Such a joyful blog.

18 Jun, 2021


I love your pretty photo's of the flowers and equally pretty cottages and interesting doors. I stopped on the road that I live on and was out with the camera and some 'bloke' came tearing down the road demanding to know what I was taking a picture of! I told him 'the road' only to be told "it better not be my house". I just ignored him, but felt like telling him I could stand on a public street and take a photo of his house if I wanted and there was nothing he could do as it's not against the law, some people are so weird!

18 Jun, 2021


Such beautiful Roses in the first two pics ... I also like to see a lovely door!

18 Jun, 2021


Gorgeous photos, K........the roses are exceptionally beautiful....what a weird response you had from that takes all types....
I would be quite pleased if my house and garden was good enough to photo.

18 Jun, 2021


Thank you, Chris! Very kind compliment, appreciate your feedback! I enjoyed your lovely blog too with all your gorgeous peonies and blooms too. I do love the doors!

19 Jun, 2021


Thank you, Honeysuckle! Pleased you like the pics.
How bizarre and quite unsettling for you when the chap came out and was pretty aggressive with you! Hope you weren’t put off by his ‘ reaction’! Most people would be flatttered wouldn’t they! There’s always one!
I shall,however, be mindful of your experience!

19 Jun, 2021


Pleased you like, Shirley! I’m lucky to be out and about and enjoy those pretty garden out there! I’m so drawn to doors! Well, not all doors…😁

19 Jun, 2021


Thank you for liking, Julia. I enjoyed clicking the camera that day..especially in the lovely sunshine!
I think your garden is definitely worthy of passerby’s taking lots of pics! It’s so ‘homes and gardens’…fit for the magazine. 😊

19 Jun, 2021


I meant to direct part of the comment about the aggressive
man to Honeysuckle....sorry Kate.Thank you for the generous comment.

19 Jun, 2021


I think I'd fit in to Kirton Lindsey, my age is right and I love the quaint houses with their welcoming doors :)

19 Jun, 2021


I thought you meant that, Julia. How awful for Honeysuckle to endure that chaps horridness!

19 Jun, 2021 certainly would, it’s a lovely place filled with lovely gardeners like yourself ☺️

19 Jun, 2021


It's all wonderfully colourful and cottagey, but I love the rustic door. I'd love to know what's behind it!

19 Jun, 2021


It is isn’t it, Ange! Yes, I did wonder how ‘rustic’ inside may be!!

19 Jun, 2021


Lovely set of pictures Kate.
I also love to photograph doors. Have hundreds of pictures of old Mexican entrances. Although I do not do it here on the Island. Everything is very young and modern.

20 Jun, 2021


it is such a pretty place isn't it. Like Hywel I'd fit in there too.

20 Jun, 2021


Thank you, Klahanie. We have something specific in common apart from our love of gardening! I’ll bet you some very unique pics! Around here it’s the same mostly..modern doors..

20 Jun, 2021


It is Eileen, I think there’s a few on here that could join Hywel..and not because of ‘age’..😊

20 Jun, 2021


Thank you,Paul. That’s a lovely message 😊

22 Jun, 2021


Stellar pictures Kate full of beauty & mystery. Those roses put mine to shame. Mystery when I see those doors and wonder who or what is on the other side. I remember knocking on some quaint little doors on my tour of the English Countryside in Yorkshire and was amazed by what was waiting for me on the other side. It usually included a bath. lol! I'm not kidding. The people are lovely.

23 Jun, 2021


I really look forward to your photos.Beautiful roses and doors.

24 Jun, 2021


Thank you Kate for sharing this lovely village with us.
Definitely my scene too. I love seeing the old houses & doors, as well as the lovely flowers.

24 Jun, 2021


Thank you, Paul, that’s really kind of you to say! I can imagine the pics brought back some nostalgia and lovely memories for your time spent in England.
I have to say, I do love a rustic charm cottage with pretty flowers round the door!

25 Jun, 2021


Aw thank you, Gerardine, that’s really lovely of you to say!
Much appreciated. ☺️

25 Jun, 2021


Pleased you like the blog and the pics, Josee! I know where you’re coming from - just love seeing pretty cottage fronts and the pretty doors to boot!

25 Jun, 2021


Just found this Kate as I think we were on holiday then! I have never been to Kirton Lindsay though and one of my friends told me that there is a lovely garden centre there too!
I love all your pictures! I hope the residents didn't mind you taking them! lol

5 Jul, 2021


Thanks Rose, I think you were on holiday at this time.
There is a garden centre there, although I haven’t had the chance to visit.
I know..OH calls me a snooper! Must be careful! 😊

6 Jul, 2021


I love to look at peoples front gardens Kate! I often have people stood looking at all the borders in my front garden and if out there, often stop to chat! I am sure if seen taking photos, they would take it as a compliment!

7 Jul, 2021


Thank you, Rose!!! I feel reassured now. Xx

9 Jul, 2021

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