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The little wall at the bottom of the rockery.


By kate123


OH has finished the ‘wall’. He’s starting on the path tomorrow – reusing some of the yorkstone pavers from the back patio.
I’ve removed some of the rockery plants which were crazy spreaders. I’ll be planting up again soon.
I’ll be tidying the corner under the potted acer once he has finished and has moved on to the back patio area.
Eve decided to catnap on my new kneeling cushion, the heat was getting to her today.

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I think Eve will get very hot in that cushion! Isn't the new wall impressive - when is OH starting on your new house???

17 Jun, 2022


She was being difficult today, Sue! It’s the weather I guess. We were quite shaded here, fortunately.
Do you remember a tv show in the 70s called Petrocelli?
This is how I think of OH! Always building something, which due to his perfectionism..takes ages!

17 Jun, 2022


You can definitely see what a perfectionist he is - it is a splendid wall. Looking forward to seeing his path next!!

17 Jun, 2022


Oh thank you so very much, Chris! That’s very kind. I’ll pass on your lovely feedback when he comes in from the garden.
Sue was very complimentary too. He will be very happy!
I’m looking forward to the next stage too.

17 Jun, 2022


Splendid wall Kate...quite a length too...congrats to OH.....he's very welcome to come on down here!!

17 Jun, 2022


All looking good. He's a star!
Maudie was being difficult yesterday, too; fussing about her food (which we don't usually have a problem with) and talking non-stop. No idea what she wanted and I'm usually good at guessing that! Maybe they'll be happier today!

18 Jun, 2022


I like walls Kate, and thats a splendid one your OH has built,very clever, looking forward to seeing your new path.

18 Jun, 2022


Looks very attractive and professionally done.

18 Jun, 2022


Thanks kindly, Julia! He’s pleased the wall part is finished, he was getting a bit peeved I think. I’ll ask him if he fancies popping down! Get back to you with that one! 😉

18 Jun, 2022


Thanks Ange! I’m quite chuffed with his hard work! He’s a good old chap!
Yes, think Eve has been better today as it’s cooler. I’ve been in the office and it was quite muggy out tonight to have supper at friends. Much better weather this evening!

18 Jun, 2022


Aw thanks Callie! He’ll be happy with your comment indeed! We like to see walls too, especially those lovely highish ones in the villages. Love to see them with wisteria and the like growing over them too. He’s started on the path today and it’s looking good so far, updates will come.

18 Jun, 2022


Thanks Klahanie, I’ll pass on your kind feedback, he’ll be very pleased with all the lovely comments! He was more than happy last night with yesterdays very lovely messages!

18 Jun, 2022


Kate, that brickwork looks really professional. Your OH is obviously a man of precision in his work!

18 Jun, 2022


Your OH’s wall looks amazing - very professional!

18 Jun, 2022


Thank you both, Shirley and Sheila! Lovely messages - he’s very happy and very chuffed with all the wonderful feedback! Thanks to everyone 😊

19 Jun, 2022


It's a lovely wall, husband is a very capable chap.
Eve knows the best place to be :)

20 Jun, 2022


Thanks so much, Hywel, another compliment he'll be very happy to hear!
Yes, little Eve was very settled there on Friday 🐈‍⬛

21 Jun, 2022


perfect Kate . Your pictures always very lovely to see

25 Jun, 2022


So very professional….. Impressive…aren’t you lucky?

25 Jun, 2022


Thanks Paul, I’m chuffed you’ve said that! ☺️

26 Jun, 2022


Thanks Dd, I’ll pass on your very pleasing feedback - I’m a very grateful lady indeed. He’s just finishing off the path today.

26 Jun, 2022


I'm playing catchup yet again Kate, we've had internet problems for weeks, fingers xx they are now sorted...
Your hubby has done a grand job with the wall, your bund is safe now, Eve says its her kneeling mat and thankyou both very much for giving her a lovely spot to survey her domain...
Lovely photo's x

10 Jul, 2022


Thanks Sue! We’re almost finished now, pavers arrive sometime this week!!! Just the back patio to do now.
Eve is definitely the ‘boss’ in our home and garden, Sue! Too cute not to refuse her at times!
I’ll pass on your lovely feedback to OH, he’ll certainly be pleased! Good to hear your internet issues are resolved finally!!!! Xx

12 Jul, 2022


Looks great :-)

24 Jul, 2022


Thank you, Jane 😊

24 Jul, 2022

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