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The Old Tileworks and a new little GC.


By kate123


Yesterday, Sunday, we took advantage of the glorious warm sunny weather and drove over the Humber bridge to The Old Tileworks. It’s positioned at the foot of the Lincolnshire side of the bridge. It’s a fully restored operational tile works, with potters workshop and artisan village.
Plus, they have a little microbrewery too.
I eventually realised having a cardigan on was foolish as it was so warm! Cardigan came off!
I’d noticed they’d opened a little GC and small pretty gift shop. So, we popped in and bought a few things for the rockery, then ventured alongside the Humber estuary for a walk.
Afterwards, we stopped at the Tileworks café restaurant and enjoyed cake and coffee. We’d had a light lunch earlier at home.
Sat outside on the deck area with a view of one of the large wildlife ponds. No parasol at our table though, so a lot of sunshine! Some of the late lunches looked very nice indeed, calorie laden though. I only had a teeny slice of lemon cheesecake. OH demolished a large slice of Bakewell sponge cake..he loves anything Bakewell!!!!
After a spot of sunbathing and bird watching while finishing our drinks, we left and drive back over the bridge and had a LONG walk around Hull marina and Humber Street. Everywhere was packed with people outside and in the bars and restaurants. This bank holiday may just be our last weekend of wonderful warm sunshine ☀
Back home to relax in the garden and catch the final rays of sunshine before the impending clouds and cooler temp tomorrow.
Hope everyone is having a lovely bank holiday weekend..

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The little GC looks it far from you Kate?....I do like the terracotta colours there .I'm sure it will be one you will visit often.The Humber Bridge looks very striking.

29 Aug, 2022


Good to see you, Kate!
That sounds like my sort of day! I love their arch and would have been tempted by the terracotta pumpkins - very unusual. These lovely sunny days do now feel more Autumny but at least the children have had gorgeous weather for their holidays, and those who aren't working have, for once, enjoyed really great outdoorsy weather.

29 Aug, 2022


lovely blog. The tile works is indeed a great place to visit as is the ropery museum.

good cake is always welcome.
I love the view of the bridge from the south. So spectacular.

29 Aug, 2022


Thank you, Julia. Lovely feedback from you!
It's not too far really. About 11 miles from home. There's terracotta everywhere! It's really quite attractive. Even the paths seem to be made from crushed terracotta.
We've been before, but not since pre covid. OH spotted a yew ball potted up for £55...he was keen to buy for a newly made space at the back. I said I'll "sleep on it" and let him know! 😊

29 Aug, 2022


Hi Ange! Thank you for your lovely message! I couldn't believe how warm it was yesterday. It was hotter than forecasted. I had a strappy dress on so I popped a cardi over, but, I has to take it off. I was sweltering.
I thought the arch was pretty and the planting at the bases was attractive too. Yes!!! I was thinking I may have to buy one of these terracotta pumpkins in the next couple or 3 weeks..just perfect for outside my front door!
I think the past three mornings have been cooler, then later around 8pm on. Autumn is approaching. The kids have really had a fab summer haven't they! Getting outdoors too, definitely the best thing for them 😊

29 Aug, 2022


Thank you, Eileen!! Appreciate your message, I knew you'd know of this place and surrounding area. Plus, you're the only one to have seen me in the flesh, so to speak 🤗
I've only ever had coffee and cake at the café restaurant, but, the food and menu looks tasty!
I think the Lincolnshire view of the bridge is definitely more striking - Julia's words - definitely love the approach as you come down the slip road onto the A15!

29 Aug, 2022


Looked a lovely day out Kate , Pumpkins for sale already - oh joy lol It means winter coming. WE have had a wonderful summer ! I go garden centres less often but always stop for coffee and cake. Nice to see your picture too

30 Aug, 2022


Lovely interesting blog. Great place to visit. That single Rose is very unusual,I haven’t seen one quite like it. Nice to get out for coffee & cake, lemon cheese cake. Mm, yummy.

30 Aug, 2022


Lovely blog Kate, you certainly made the most of the sunshine. Yes, it’s been great for the kids’ holidays, but I’m happier now that it’s cooler!

31 Aug, 2022


What a grand day out Kate. My, aren't you the glamour puss! I guess you'll be going there again soon - for lunch next time! The pumpkins are Wonderful. Its a good thing I wasn't there because it would have taken about half an hour to choose one. I'd have wanted half a dozen...Just the purchase this weather as they at least won't need watering... Lovely interesting pics - thank you!

3 Sep, 2022


Thank you, Paul! :- )
Yes, it seems so early I think...we were trying to enjoy the last days of summer last weekend!!!!
It's all such a marketing ploy isn't it..Christmas too! Guess that'll be this weekend!
Lovely day here today! Been to have my hair done and then home to enjoy the garden and some pottering 😊

3 Sep, 2022


Many thanks, Josee! Pleased you liked the blog! Yes, I thought it was an unusual rose too, I just had to take a pic.
Very much enjoyed the cake..but, we had to walk it off afterwards! 😊

3 Sep, 2022


Thank you, Sheila, yes, definitely a lovely day all round. Has been cooler in the early mornings.
Warm again here today. 24, I prefer it in the mid 20s. Lovely and warm, but you can actually do things!!

3 Sep, 2022


Lovely photo’s Kate. Such a beautiful blue sky! I’m particularly fond of terracotta pots and glazed pots. I wouldn’t have been able to resist a few more pots! Last count was 50 plus so have decided that’s enough (for now)

3 Sep, 2022


Oh thanks so much, Sue! You are kind 😊.
Yes, I couldn't have chosen one pumpkin in particular! They were all so fantastic looking!
We shall go back, OH keeps saying I should pop in on my way home for the yew ball he had his eye on!

3 Sep, 2022


Thanks for messaging, Amsterdam! It was a terrific Bank Holiday weekend, weather wise wasn't it!
I do like terracotta too, I think any excess or broken pots were used in their paths.. great looking!
That's a tremendous amount of pots you have! Bet they're all very prettily planted up though!
I've reduced my pot collection...although I'm pretty sure that won't last long! 😁

3 Sep, 2022

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