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Project completed in August, in our little back garden.


By kate123


Wall, path and patio…all new.
Well, the path was redone using some of the old yorkstone pavers which made up the old patio.
Rockery area was tidied and some plants removed and replaced with new ones. Unfortunately, the hot summer months had all but obliterated the newly planted!!!!
However, milder weather this early autumn and some rainfall has perked them up!
We are still feeding the birds, the nut feeder still hangs under the canopy of the solanum vine..we removed the seed feeder which hung above the “steps to nowhere”. The wood pigeons in particular had damaged many plants and were pooing everywhere, and we often sit at this spot when we have the table and chairs out! Sadly, we decided to remove it.
We’ve been using the new area far more than we used to, especially as we’ve all enjoyed a wonderful summer..
We’ve another patio area at the house, where we sit also, not as often.
Overall, OH has excelled himself!!! I’ve got him painting indoors this week…the whip is cracking! 😊 ( only joking! I’m helping too! )
Ps. Last pic added as it’s a night shot, the grass isn’t finished and there’s a few finishing touches which are now Eve gives you an idea of size.

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That's a lot of work. What a clever OH you have! He has made an impressive job of it. I see you are keeping him busy still. We have been talking about decorating (at least 2 bedrooms to do) but after having painted the whole house when we arrived it's quite hard to work up the enthusiasm. You are right to 'keep at it' while you are both in the right mindset!! The garden looks great and I'm glad the Overseer approves...

14 Sep, 2022


Kudos to you both. What a great job! A real jewel of a back garden.

14 Sep, 2022


Well done to you both for all your hard work, It is all looking so very good, and the night time shot is just beautiful,you both must be more than pleased, I love it.

14 Sep, 2022


Thanks kindly Julia! We’ve had to start re-planting the rockery above the wall, you can see it’s quite vertical. Above the ivy hedge is the tall vertical bund hill. We also added to this, although the builders had started the ball rolling!
The twisted trunk is the base of the ferocious solanum vine! The only positive is it’s flowering longevity!

14 Sep, 2022


Thank you, Ange, he will be pleased as punch indeed! At this minute, he is sawing wood at the one side of the house! We have a sort of L shaped banquette I a corner of the kitchen which he is removing and replacing…
He will be joining me in painting our bedroom tomorrow!
I have to say, I really don’t find painting - as in decorating only - therapeutic like some do. It’s messy, well I get it all over, it’s boring and it causes aches all over! So, yes, Ange, I agree, it’s finding the motivation..then if momentum kicks in, keep going until it wanes!
Thanks for liking the back end of the back garden, the rest is fine…for now😊. Eve definitely likes to be out there at night, only until 10pm, then she’s off to bed!!!

14 Sep, 2022


Thanks so much, Loosestrife! It’s good to hear you like the project. We shall get more use next year I guess. The patio area at the house is smaller, but we get morning sunshine there until lunch and after. It’s a small space, but we try to be innovative where we can 😉

14 Sep, 2022


Aw Callie, thank you! That’s lovely to hear. I’m so pleased you like it. We are happy it’s all finished now and much more usable and the pigeons have gone! Yay!

14 Sep, 2022


As far as painting rooms...doing the walls is ok ..but....I consider painting ceilings a most severe form of torture:(

14 Sep, 2022’re so 100% right!

14 Sep, 2022


3rded. Kate and Loosestrife. I'm not very keen on crawling about painting skirting boards either - I have such trouble getting off the floor now! As you say, Kate, I end up with aches in places I didn't know it was possible to ache. I always laugh hollowly at the 'makeover' programmes that get a room finished in a day. When we painted this place each room took 5 coats of paint to obliterate the strong colours that the previous owners preferred. Good luck with both your efforts tomorrow!

14 Sep, 2022


How satisfying, Kate, to have done so much so well 🙂 - it’s all looking lovely and spick and span! Very well done to you both.
I love the nighttime pic and thought for a minute that Eve was sitting on a sofa 🙂🙂.

15 Sep, 2022


You have done a brilliant job. It looks so smart, you should be so proud of yourselves. You have made it much more useable.

16 Sep, 2022


Crikey, Ange!!! 5 coats! I'd find the motivation lacking after all that arduous labour too!!!
Almost finished here, hopefully by this afternoon 🤞
We're waiting on a delivery of a new 'round' shelf unit for the kitchen.
Our bedroom is finished too. I'm thinking new blind treatments! OH not soo much, he's happy with the ones there...

16 Sep, 2022


Thanks so much Sheila! It's looking less rustic styling now and easy maintenance at the back end. Yes, Eve is quite happy with the result, although she loved playing around the construction site before!

16 Sep, 2022


Many thanks, Klahanie!! I'm pleased you like our little idyll at the back. OH does live for a little project or 2!!! Thanks again 🤗

16 Sep, 2022


Aw thanks Sheila! That's really lovely of you! I'm proud of OH, although I do see myself as his apprentice! 😉

16 Sep, 2022


Wow,what a mammoth task you and your clever OH took on Kate, It looks amazing, and so professional too.I can appreciate the time and effort you put in to it, and I'm sure Eve feels the same :o). So much easier to look after,which is what we all wish for in future years..
New decor inside too,so is that the last of this year's projects for the time being?
You are allowed to take some time off,and relax,you know !:o) Well done to you both.xx

17 Sep, 2022


Thanks so much, Sandra! Apologies for my delay in responding, been a hectic work week!!!!
I’ll pass on your lovely feedback to OH, his head will be swelling no doubt - but he’ll be very chuffed to hear this!
Yes, Eve seems quite happy with it all too, plus you’re right - so much easier to maintain in the future…
Decorating and painting etc..all finished last week while we were off…OH did a few little changes indoors too..all very nice I must say. He’s a good ‘un! I’m thinking of doing the downstairs hall, stairs and upstairs hall during the bleak, dark winter months!!! Foolish, I know…
Thanks again, Sandra, we appreciate the kindness xx

23 Sep, 2022


Love your new wall Kate, what a fabulous job he's made of it all. You must be so pleased. Smashing new patio and Eve there having a look round at all the clean space. My daughter has a new kitten black like Eve, she's a little beauty (and monkey!) 😂

29 Oct, 2022


Thanks so much, Janey! I'm pleased you like the new project, he's done a great job, I'm very appreciative as it adds to the garden. I'll keep him, he's a good lad 😊
Eve does seem to be enjoying the space too! She runs around a lot, especially as it's larger and smoother.
How lovely to hear that your daughter has a new little kitten!!!! You must post a pic or 2 when you get a chance! Be lovely to see her.
Hope you're keeping well and things are ok at your end. 🤗

29 Oct, 2022


sorry missed so much on here , beautiful and professional and TIDY my ultimate must !

30 Oct, 2022


Aw thanks Paul, no worries! Life is busy isn’t it! Thank you so much for your lovely feedback too! I’m pleased you like the new garden project 👍

2 Nov, 2022

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