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Thinking it's time to try something different.


By kate123


Not much going on in the back garden this month..Still waiting on the aconites and some other bulb flowers appearing.
I took a wander this afternoon and realised I may have to do a revamp of the area…I need to see more colour and interest, especially during the colder, darker months.
I think I’ve too many ferns. Plus, in winter, they’re a little worn and ropey looking often.
Too much lavender too, although I adore it, I really don’t need so much of it.
It’s a small patch, so, I need more diversity and interest throughout the 12 months.
So, I’ll be giving it much thought and looking at some changes for the year ahead.
Still haven’t planted out my recent purchases of pines etc.. due to the very cold temperatures..hopefully next week 🤞

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That sounds a good plan Kate....It's a pity Nandinas don't like your soil...I am right aren't I?
The colours are so intense at this time of year...I'm trying to think of other plants...

27 Jan, 2023


Thank you, Julia. Yes, you're spot on about Nandina's. I've tried a couple of times and they withered and died in our soil, despite attempts.
I appreciate your input and thoughts! 🤗

28 Jan, 2023


Wishing you luck with the new plans 🙂.

28 Jan, 2023


Thank you, Sheila. It's something to look forward to also! 🤗

28 Jan, 2023


I really enjoy your close-ups, Kate, I so like regular patterns and these photos emphasise the shapes. I think your garden is an interesting one, but I know what you mean about wanting change. I had to move my Nandina 'Obsession' and it has improved a little but I wouldn't say it's the star of my garden. At least you have some plants to look at in the winter months, most of mine is under churned up mud - very appealing!

28 Jan, 2023


Thank you, Ange, that's very kind of you! I'm chuffed that you have relayed this 🤗
Yes, it's quite horrid out in the squidginess at the minute. Have to agree. I moved the skimming last year, it's starting to settle..not at it's best..yet 🤞
I'm hoping we can plant up this coming week, we bought a few evergreens recently but it's been too frosty. Finishing some painting and decorating today..starting in 5. Not a task we relish..

28 Jan, 2023


Kate, I've had wallpaper and paint for our bedroom for over a month, but we haven't worked up the enthusiasm to get started yet... too dark to see properly, anyway ( that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

28 Jan, 2023


You'll have guessed I meant skimmia and not skimming!
Ange, we've finished the painting, it was magnolia again. We did the white ceilings last Saturday.
So glad it's finished! I end up covered in paint!
Long hot bath afterwards and much enjoyed!
I'm not surprised you're putting it off! I've been saying since last summer, we need to crack on with the stairs and halls etc...thankfully now done.

28 Jan, 2023


You have a great collection of plants Kate and they all look so healthy!
What is the plant with the little white flowers in the centre?
I love a new project and am sure when you have finished,it will look great!

28 Jan, 2023


It's good to have a change, a garden never stays the same, it's a living growing thing.
Lovely photos too :)

28 Jan, 2023


Love your pictures Kate. Wishing you luck with all the changes and looking forward to see many photos.

28 Jan, 2023


Yes, great photos, nice clear close ups.

29 Jan, 2023


Thank you, Hywel, I like your thoughts. I guess it's always evolving and growing and changing.

30 Jan, 2023


Thanks so much, Klahanie! I'll keep you posted when things start to change!

30 Jan, 2023


Many thanks, Josee! Pleased you like.

30 Jan, 2023


I think we all look to see what we can change at this of the year Kate, we notice the gaps more and lack of colour other than greens, last years very hot and dry months caused some deaths amongst both flowers and shrubs, do we choose more that can tolerate drought conditions, the very cold icey spell before xmas, also the last two weeks has not helped as regards choosing what to buy, should we stick with hardy shrubs, we can't see what the future brings, although spring according to what the garden is showing is going to be another early one, its all decisions ....I too was wondering what the pretty white one is...Lovely set of photo's x

30 Jan, 2023


Sorry Rose!!!! I hadn't replied to your message! Thank you for your lovely comments.
The little white flowering one is Alyssum. It grows very well, dotted over and along the rockery.

30 Jan, 2023


You're right, Sue. Everything can look drab this time of year...and the gaps where our perennials bloom or green up. Plus the lack of colourful bedding.
I agree, the long, hot summer and lack of rainfall has really had a detrimental effect on many of our plants. Then the spell of frosty, cold weather, snow in some areas, has yet again caused issues.
Thanks for liking the pics! The little white flowering plant is Alyssum. It does well along the rockery.

30 Jan, 2023


I didn't see a Hellebore - one of those would give you colour about now, especially one of the lovely pink ones. You have large plain leaves all summer but you can't have everything!

1 Feb, 2023


Thanks Sue, I should have added my hellebore, although I've also an Anna's Red just opening too.

3 Feb, 2023


Such sharp photos, love the last snowdrop pic.

21 Feb, 2023

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