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Hull history and ghost walk.


By kate123


It’s not gardening related at all! But, friends and I booked the Hull Old Town ghost walk with added history information on Sunday evening.
It was only £5 for a 90 minute tour around the Old Town, strolling around the wonderful architecture and old cobbled streets. We did not see any spooky goings on or ghostly apparitions at any windows or round dark corners!
The chap who organises and takes you on the ghost walks was interesting, even for the history alone. He, himself lives in a previously ‘haunted’ house – what a surprise!
We enjoyed the start of our evening having dinner at The Three John Scott’s…with St Mary’s church in our view as the sun went down.

View of St Mary’s from The Three John Scott’s.

The Ghost Walk guide

Andrew Marvell statue, he was educated at Hull Grammar School, 17th century.

Original Hull Grammar School in Trinity Square. 14th century.

St Mary the Virgin Church, Lowgate. 14th century.
The Three John Scott’s were 3 vicars from this church, grandfather, father and son.

Originally the vicarage opposite the church.

St Mary’s Chambers, the Old vicarage.

Spooky alleyway 👻

Bit of fun!!! Apparently number 11, Chapel Lane has the ghost of an old lady. It was once the site of Harrison’s Hospital, 1550. Place a hand on the window to find out if she likes you!!!! She haunts the old hospital. If you place your hand on the window and it is icy cold – bad news!!
However, when I did it, it was fairly lukewarm!! Guess she liked me 😊

Another spooky building with a ghostly gent from the early 20th century.

Back to the start, in front of Hull Minster, Trinity Square. The Minster is 800 YEAR’S OLD.
Off to have a warm drink across the road afterwards…

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Old Hull is amazing isn't it?

I love the old buildings and it is no wonder it is used by film crews for period dramas.

I think I know your guide, can you remember his name?

22 Feb, 2023


Hull has some quirky atmospheric buildings, thanks for showing them. These walks are such fun and so informative. It's easy to take our history for granted.

22 Feb, 2023


Thank you for posting this Kate, what a lovely tour round Hull, and your photos are beautiful , I really enjoyed it, it felt very special, thank you.

22 Feb, 2023


I've never been to Hull so enjoyed seeing the photo's Kate, a knowledgeable guide can make all the difference to a tour, I like to learn the history of a place and learn of the people who lived and worked there, if a ghost story gets added it makes it all the more enjoyable, shame you didn't feel any spirits or see any apparitions, perhaps they didn't like you and your friends disturbing them Kate...

22 Feb, 2023


The last time I went to Hull was on the ferry, so you know how long that is Kate!
Thank you for sharing this.
It's very interesting.

22 Feb, 2023


That was a treat Kate … thank you! I’ve never been to Hull so it was interesting to see your photos and hear about the history. (The only fact I know is that Philip Larkin was the university librarian!) 🙂.

22 Feb, 2023


Thank you. Julia. Yes, the pub/restaurant is named after the Three John Scott's, who resided in Hull from the early 1800 to the late 1800s.
It's a beautiful Minster, I should have shown the whole building!

22 Feb, 2023


You're spot on, Eileen! Yes, the architecture is amazing. Thankfully not all was bombed during the Second World War.
The guide who takes you round is Mike Covell, Eileen.
Yes, we've had lots of film and TV crews in recent years. Just this past month they've been filming the new one, 'Blitz'.

22 Feb, 2023


Thanks Ange, it's definitely quite a quirky place. Land of Green Ginger has a fascinating history too, bang in the Old Town centre here. One of the best parades we watched one cold November evening was an enchanting version of The Land of Green Ginger..
The city are adding to the history tours with King Henry V111 hidden castle/fortress which has been undergoing excavation.

22 Feb, 2023


Aw thank you, Callie, that's really kind of you. I'm pleased you enjoyed the little tour of Hull. I'm quite proud to be a resident of this area after moving from Scotland in the late 90s. I've only posted a fraction of what's around here. It has such interesting history from centuries gone by.

22 Feb, 2023


Thanks Sue, I'm glad to hear you liked the blog! You're so right, a guide makes all the difference. They've learned so much over the years, they fill in the gaps and more!
I think I'd have been pretty shook up if I'd seen an apparition at a window or around a corner! Yes, think they were staying well out the way! There were about 20 people on the tour, but, we stayed quiet and absorbed the atmosphere.

22 Feb, 2023


Thank you, Klahanie! I'm happy to hear you liked the tour and the info. Yes, I was pretty happy my hand didn't feel icy cold on that window!!!

22 Feb, 2023


Crikey, Rose!!!! You're right, that is quite some time ago isn't it! Well, you don't necessarily have to come over now, you've seen the pics!!!
Pleased you enjoyed reading through the blog, thank you!

22 Feb, 2023


Lovely! Thank you, Sheila! Good to hear you found it interesting, I'm pleased I posted it now. There's so many historical figures who were born here or lived here over the centuries. Philip Larkin, as you say, is one. William Wilberforce who abolished slavery, Amy Johnson the many.

22 Feb, 2023


A great tour of Hull, Kate. Like some of the others I have never visited this city so was very interested in its old buildings & history. I think the Old Grammar School looked the spookiest place. Thank you for sharing this with us.

22 Feb, 2023


Aw, thank you, Josee! Pleased you liked the tour of Old Town, haunted or not!
I think you're probably right there - the Old Grammar School definitely looks like the most spooky of all the buildings posted! Thanks for your feedback.

22 Feb, 2023


I didn't realise Andrew Marvell was from Hull, Kate. I remember first reading 'To His Coy Mistress' and was so taken with it. A wonderful poet.
I bet the excavation results will be fascinating. I think I must head North very soon!

22 Feb, 2023


Agree with Ange, I’ve always loved Marvell’s poetry too, even after studying the “metaphysicals” for A level!

23 Feb, 2023


What a wonderful tour for just £5!! It was fascinating to be invited along and I found it very interesting and loved your atmospheric photos! Night night!!

25 Feb, 2023


Thanks Ange, it amazes me how many famous people were born in the city or very close by.
I'm looking forward to the excavation being completed too! Its definitely a place to visit, Hull, especially from City of Culture and what has come after.

25 Feb, 2023


Thank you, Sheila, that's interesting to hear! John Keats was our poet while doing A level English.
However, since the walk, I've been researching Andrew Marvell now!

25 Feb, 2023


Thank you, Chris! I'm pleased you enjoyed the blog tour and pics! Yes, it definitely worth the fiver!!! 🤗

25 Feb, 2023


Such a fabulous tour, I feel that I was walking with you, the photos and your writeup are brilliiant. Thank you.

25 Feb, 2023


Oh thank you, Rose! That's really kind of you, I'm pleased you felt like you'd been on the tour with us! Very much appreciate your comments.

25 Feb, 2023


woooh scary :D looked a very interesting walk Kate and a fiver is a bargain indeed . At least moving into a haunted place you'll never be lonely . I wouldn't like to test their likes or dislikes of me though lol

25 Feb, 2023


Thank you, Paul. It was fascinating to be honest. I learned quite a lot, more than being spooked! Definitely a bargain at that price!!!

26 Feb, 2023

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