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My little Mediterranean-esque mingle.


By kate123


In my little bijou, petit garden, apologies for the pretentiousness!
I don’t have a lot of blooms or plants, I just try to squeeze in what I can wherever I can! Sometimes I move pots around just to offer a different view.
I think I subconsciously created a Mediterranean style pocket..I’m missing trips abroad.
We finally bit the bullet and booked a 3 night stay in the southwest Lakes, on the coast. We’ll be going in early September. We visited a cattery to see how things are run etc. It’s daunting, but, we can’t never ever go away again for the next decade or more! OH hasn’t been away since pre covid. We do worry about Eve as she so clingy and anxious, but, we have to try and see how we a get on. Hopefully, we can look at Italy next Autumn.
I’ll enjoy my garden meantime, the bonus is, we’ve made it very private…so, we can be anywhere really! 🤗

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looking very relaxing.

I know what you mean about Eve, it is a dilemma. Do you have anyone near by that could call in to feed her. That's what I do for my daughter, feed, water and clean cat litter tray when they go away. The dog either goes on her own holiday to a dog walker/looker afterer or she goes with them. A w/e is usually me staying over.

18 Jul, 2023


In your 'bijou' garden you have certainly chosen eye-catching plants Kate..lovely variety.Like you we stopped going away in July and August...September usually works well too.
I love short breaks rather than a 2 week holiday.
Currently we have no animals to worry about but I can empathize with you leaving them .I'm sure you'll find a really suitable place for Eve.

18 Jul, 2023


You have so many beautiful plants Kate. Is that really a 'lilac' Agapanthus in the first pic? Gorgeous!

18 Jul, 2023


It’s beautiful and lovely to sort of pretend/think your in the Mediterranean 🙂 the blue sky in some of the photos certainly give it a Mediterranean feel enjoy!

18 Jul, 2023


Thank you, Eileen. I’m off now for a while. I am trying to get out in the garden to relax and ‘hide away’ when the sun shines for several hours at a time. When it rains, I’m catching up with chores, yoga etc.
I’m just pleased to have time off as work has been so busy.
I’ve so many lovely friends and neighbours offer to pop in and spend a little time with Eve. Unfortunately, she’s a cat that loves company, would hate to be on her own overnight and is quite anxious. We got her as a rescue just before covid. Timing wasn’t great. We were at home for a long time and she has got used to this.
We found a cattery in Hedon, nice couple. So, hopefully, she’ll be ok. We’re not too far away if she becomes too anxious or unsettled.

18 Jul, 2023


Thanks Julia, I think I favour purples and pinks of all shades, it seems to work in my tiny garden. I do love sunshine colours too, but it feels right having a palette of associative colours.
Yes, we switched from July to September when going abroad. It was the heat. So difficult to enjoy the sights and places leisurely. Pre covid, we went somewhere in England in summer and abroad early September. I’m hoping we can build up to it again next year. Fingers…and paws crossed.

18 Jul, 2023


Oh thank you, Sheila, that’s very kind. The first pic is actually an Allium ‘Millennium ’, which flowers through summer and into the late summer. It’s pink rather than the usual purple jewelled variety.

18 Jul, 2023


Aw thanks kindly, Kidsgran, that’s lovely of you! It’s definitely a great form of escapism in the garden, isn’t it!
What would we do without them? Gardens, balconies, window boxes, pots…

18 Jul, 2023


Your garden looks beautiful Kate, I have that allium but mine has not opened yet.Hope you get some where you like to look after Eve, they are worry aren't they, but I am sure you will find some where, in the mean time you can enjoy your lovely garden.xx

18 Jul, 2023


Callie, you’re very kind, what a really lovely thing to say! I do like this allium as it blooms after the others have long faded.
I have booked Eve in to a cattery, but, I’m still quite anxious myself, as is OH. I think it’s a lot to do with not being apart form her since we brought her home from her foster Mum 😊. It’s a wrench. I know she’s a cat and it seems silly, but, she our cat!
Thanks for your message, hopefully you’re enjoying your garden too xx

18 Jul, 2023


Kate, you have some lovely plants in your garden, be it a small one or not!
When we had Megan cat we had no worries about her being in a cattery as she was such a character and everyone there loved spending time with her. You will find Evie will be spoilt rotten at the cattery, especially as it will be her first time away, on her own little holiday.

18 Jul, 2023


Lovely, Kate.

19 Jul, 2023


Such an attractive garden, Kate. I know what you mean about Eve. I hate putting ours in there too - they're always pleased to be back home. They are definitely 'retired people' cats as we're very rarely away, too! Probably a good thing to introduce her to the idea as you never know if you may need to go away unexpectedly at short notice.

19 Jul, 2023


Thank you, Klahanie.

19 Jul, 2023


Thanks so much, Ange.
I’m still finding it difficult thinking about her in the cattery for a few days. I just hope she’ll be ok! I guess we won’t be too far if she is not settling.
One of my patients jokingly said, we’ll be back after one night! :-D
He referred to OH’s comments previously - crikey, you’re going to put Eve in prison while you go off on a break!
Yes, we are crazy cat people after all!

19 Jul, 2023


That's not nearly as small as some - just be proud of it. We used to have an active member who had a few pots in the little front area of a terraced house, and a few pots in the back yard. It has been interesting watching your garden develop over the years. It looks great and is something to be cherished and pleased with. You did well to manage to part with Eve into a cattery - such a difficult thing to do, but she will be fine, and so happy top be home again when you get back!
Best wishes from one cat person to another!

24 Jul, 2023


Thanks so much for your really lovely comment, Sue. Much appreciated! It's so kind of you to say so, you've really made me smile!!! 😊
2 compliments today re the size. A friend picked me up to go for lunch at 11.30, to meet up with another friend.
We had a quick coffee and she was very complimentary too. She said, although it's small, there's so much planted up to make it look full and interesting. She has a French lady living behind her, and mentioned her garden was quite similar. Pleased as punch!
It's good to hear some positivity from yourself as a cat parent, as well as from the others. Makes me feel less anxious about it. Thanks again. x

25 Jul, 2023


It doesn't look "bijou" to me Kate with all those lovely plants.
It's amazing what you can do with a small space.
I am sure Evie will be ok while you are away.
You will be worrying about her more than she will about you having a lovely time being spoilt!

28 Jul, 2023


Aw thanks so much, Rose! I do appreciate your lovely compliments! 🤗
You're probably right about Eve, she'll end up getting more attention there, we're usually at work most of the day, she misses out! Thank you for your thoughtful words.

28 Jul, 2023

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