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Sunshine on Saturday.


By kate123


Yesterday, it was a perfect day, took a few pics in the garden, chilled out after pottering. OH mowed our very green patch of lawn and edged it perfectly! He seems to be enjoying this recently. He’s been treating it and ensuring it looks quite ornamental. Good chap!!!
My liatris is trying to bloom, but every day, it still hasn’t opened to bloom.. the roses don’t seem to have any further buds to note although the rambling one is abundantly flowering. Pruned it a little as there are many buds to open.
My Japanese anenome has disappeared, as has several other plants..maybe due to last year’s hot, dry summer.
We’ve had a lot of insects on the thyme, lavender and the rambling rose. Hoverflies, bumblebees, honey bees, ants, horrid flies – although not many, and a few other of interest. Butterflies are fluttering around too, but, I really need the proper camera. Haven’t seen any dragonflies recently, pity.
Back to work tomorrow. I’ll probably pop in and out of GoY as I’ve a busy schedule ahead. Still, I’ve a smashing group of patients, and the travelling can be pleasant, driving through pretty places!


The Solanum , monstrous growth!

Nemesia, starting to look ropey, but the scent is gorgeous!

The bees are loving this rambling rose.

Orange and yellow dahlia, annual.

One of several thyme.

Bees on thyme.


Obligatory Eve pic, in ornamental grass!


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lovely blog Katie, the garden is doing well. I have Jap anemones if you'd like a replacement.

My Liatris isn't opening either, wonder if all the rain has affected them. Like it does with roses.

I know you will enjoy your trips afield. Take care.

31 Jul, 2023


Your garden is looking as lovely as ever Kate. My Jap anemone is all leaves and no buds. I hope its just a bit late.Lovely pic of Eve sun bathing.

31 Jul, 2023


You have some lovely plants, Kate, and your Nemesia is particularly stunning! The Jap anemone might still appear … they’re mysterious in their ways πŸ™‚.

31 Jul, 2023


Lovely blog and pictures Kate.
Are the anemones the tall ones as mine have taken over the garden and need to dig quite a lot up.

31 Jul, 2023


Lovely photos & of course there must be one of Eve. I like the pics of the insects on the Thyme. Mine is not flowering yet, but the Liatris is.

31 Jul, 2023


Thank you, all, appreciated your kind words! I do Japanese anenome does make an appearance! Fingers crossed, Eileen and Sheila. I'll keep.your offer in mind, Eileen, many thanks!
My Japanese anenome is the tall one too, Rose.
Maybe, they are a bit late this year, as Callie has no buds? The weather has really played havoc hasn't it!
Josee, Eve really likes to be captured when she's in the garden! Or maybe it's me that just likes to take part in the blogs! πŸ€—
Thanks so much everyone, for your lovely comments.

1 Aug, 2023


Mine are all in flower Kate..too many and after flowering can send you some if you would like.
Let me know. xx

1 Aug, 2023


My jap anemone Charlotte disappeared in the winter, but I’ve just noticed that it has come back. It has some tiny buds on too. Hoping yours will reappear Kate …

1 Aug, 2023


Lovely photos Kate ... I do love the glossy coat Eve has! I hope the weather hasn't made driving around the county difficult for you ... it's wet and windy here ... no doubt the same where you are ... :o(

2 Aug, 2023


Oh thank you, Rose, thats kind of you. I haven't been out in the garden for days! Between working late and escaping to yoga and some shopping. Tomorrow, I'll go out and catch up and ill have a look to see if there is any sign 🀞

5 Aug, 2023


Sounds positive, Sheila! I'm planning to go put and get in to the garden tomorrow, so I hope to see some signs of things I'd thought were lost. Keeping my fingers crossed 🀞

5 Aug, 2023


Many thanks, Shirley! She's as cute as ever, although, yesterday pm, the vets visit was traumatic. She was there for her annual vaccination- crikey, she was climbing up the paper towel dispenser. Then she turned the tap on when she was in the sink, soaking herself!!!! The vet, Diego, was very patient and settled her.
OH has a few scratches, trying to get her back in to her carrying cage!!!

5 Aug, 2023


Kate, I laughed out loud when I read about Eve turning the tap on and getting wet! When we had Megan cat she only made a fuss once at the Vets ... but it was pretty memorable and the Vet was less than impressed ... miserable man that he was!

5 Aug, 2023


Yes, we did too, Shirley. It was quite comical, bless, well for us maybe! The vet was pretty kind with her, fortunately.

6 Aug, 2023

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