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At the end of August.


By kate123


I’ve been off GoY for a few weeks due to covid, again. Missed catching up with everyone and all the wonderful late summer pics and blogs..
Hope everyone is doing ok? I’ve not much to post, unfortunately. Our garden has suffered a little as we both had covid and didn’t have the energy to do too much. Saying that, OH did recover fairly quick and tended to the mowing. He also watered a lot. Maybe it’s just the way you feel when you’re not 100%, plus, I lost a lot of pretty flowers through snail and slug activities and some from last year have completely disappeared – never to be seen again. I’ve reluctantly not bought any more recently, or pre covid earlier this month.
I’m thinking now, the garden seems to favour lavender, some other herbs, ferns, acers, cordyline, grasses of some sorts, euonymus, Hardy evergreens, the odd hydrangea and nemesia. My little nemesia has flowered each year for months on end. The scent is gorgeous. Next year, I’ll buy another.
One of my friends bought me a white orchid, it’s lovely. I’m not the best with house plants so I’m keeping everything crossed. I’ve put it in the main bathroom, so we shall see.

Orchid in the main bathroom.

Dahlia still blooming well.

Nemesia flowering for months. Gorgeous scent.

Pink rose under the Chilean Potato Vine.

Lavender in trough out front.

Helenium, short and sassy.

Salvia, sparse flowering, but pretty.

Liatris, only one flower. Little disappointed.


My one fuchsia, settled on the bund/rockery.

I often like the faded bloom colours.

Lavender on the rockery, the bees still visiting despite it fading

Far end of the rockery.

Far end of the rockery.

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You have some really lovely flowers Kate, but so sorry to hear that you have been unwell again. Very frustrating for you, especially not having the strength to do what you would like in the garden. Thank you for posting in spite of your lack of energy!

27 Aug, 2023


Glad to hear you're all recovered Kate, had it about 6 weeks ago, wiped me out for a few days, yes last few months have been perfect conditions for the little slimy horrors they have been having a feast this year and as you say, got to think about what to replace them with as some plants can be expensive just to go and provide dinner for the little critters

27 Aug, 2023


I am sorry you had covid again Kate. Could it have been down to your job, do you think?
Your garden still has colour despite our garden enemies.
I gave up on my one and only hosta in a pot despite the fact that it had gravel and pot chippings all around it!
I hope you are feeling much better now.

28 Aug, 2023


Thank you, Sheila. It's kind of you. Im pleased you like the flowers. I think maybe, I've more going on in the garden than I thought!
Yes, a patient mentioned I probably caught it from them, unfortunately.
I was in bed for a week, high temperature, all the symptoms. Not so great, but, back to my usual now! 👍
Still some tiredness, but, back to work this past week. Just taking it easy. I've been in the garden this weekend, assessing the situation! It's not too bad, but, OH has been warring with the slugs and snails!!!

28 Aug, 2023


Thanks for your lovely message, Klahanie! Thankfully, all better now! It was definitely unpleasant. Quite distressing at night with the high temperatures.
I'm happy to be back on the site, I've missed everyone's lovely pics and blogs! Thank you for your very nice feedback about the blog. I'm hoping I can nurture my orchid!

28 Aug, 2023


Aw thank you so much Julia! I'm not sure if my message last week eventually got through to you? I've been struggling with my mobile, with messaging and emails too ☹️
I'll send you another later today.
I appreciate your kindness and wishes.
Hooe you're doing okay 👍 xx

28 Aug, 2023


Davey, I can sympathise, it's pretty awful isn't it! The symptoms are horrid.
Good to hear you're feeling better afterwards too. Just your hip now! It can't be very pleasant enduring the constant pain.I do hope you don't have to wait too long 🤞
I have to agree about the slimy horrors in our gardens, they can obliterate a lovely plant in hours! It's so frustrating! It's such an expense too, we can't just keep replacing them, unfortunately. You're right though, the weather conditions have been ideal for the pesky critters.
Hope things are okay, Davey, I messaged on your blog yesterday. I'm so very sorry, my thoughts are with you and your family, keep each other close. Xx

28 Aug, 2023


Thank you, Rose, I appreciate your best wishes and lovely message. Yes, you're right, a patient did say I probably got covid from them. A younger person, who fortunately didn't succumb to the symptoms as harshly.
I was looking at my hostas yesterday and they look so ropey. I'm tempted to remove. The flowers were a poor show too. I think due to the leaf destruction. Its a pity, as when they first leaf, they look so lush and attractive. However, in a matter of days, they are nibbled. So, I'm with you in decisions re hosta plants.
Thank you again, Rose. I do hope you are doing okay? I know it's been quite an emotional time for you. Xx

28 Aug, 2023


Kate I am really sorry you have had Covid again - it is a horrid thing to get and really sets you back. Pleased that you are getting over it now. x

Your garden is a perfect example of late summer colour and looks lovely. I like your thoughts on where to go from now on. I too love lavender, herbs and ferns. The scent of nemesias is so soft and sweet.

Orchids thrive on neglect so just keep it in a cool place and enjoy it!!

28 Aug, 2023


So sorry you and OH have been so unwell, but glad you're on the mend. The garden looks lovely but one does get frustrated when the energy isn't there and you get 'up close and personal' with the chomping ravagers. It can be demoralising then, watching your treasures succumbing!
I think it must be the time of year for rethinks about our planting decisions. Good luck with yours.

28 Aug, 2023


Covid again poor you and hubby. I guess that is one of the dangers for you in your role. Main thing is you are now on the mend.

the garden is looking great.
I've not posted much mainly not had the time what with sewing, biking and spending time with the family.

I will enjoy yours instead. Thank you.

28 Aug, 2023


Sorry to hear about you & hubby getting Covid again. I hope you are now feeling better & let’s hope that’s the last time with it! Your Nemesia might come through the winter if it is not too severe. I bought some Nemesia a few years back expecting them to be annual & they survived for another year. Since then the seeds have come up everywhere. I just leave them as they are not tall & they are all shades,some like yours, other paler in colour & pink ones also. I think you & I might have similar type soil, as the plants you mention are the ones that grow well for me.

28 Aug, 2023


Thanks kindly Chris. I do appreciate your message, everyone has been so thoughtful. Yes, it's been another horrid episode, Chris. Fortunately we're both feeling so much better, thank you. I just can't believe how horrible it was, I recovered quicker this time as did OH. It was the joint pain and the agitation that was the worst!
Pleased you like the garden, you've all given me a boost! We obviously like the same garden plants!!! 😉
I'm grateful to you for the orchid advice! I've tried and failed in the past, so I'm taking your advice on board!
Thanks again x

28 Aug, 2023


Thanks Ange, I appreciate your kind message. Thankfully this time, the virus was shortlived! Long enough, but fortunately the symptoms dissipated quicker.
It's definitely disheartening when we put so much effort and care in to our gardens and along comes the slimy munchers! I'm really thinking about removing my hostas and utilising the spaces better. They just look awful when they've been nibbled beyond recognition.
It's definitely the time we start thinking about what we want to see in the garden next spring and summer. Between last summers drought and intense heat, and now this summers rainy, cooler weather..goodness knows what to consider?
Thanks again for your message, Ange. Hope your spirits are still high, despite the weather and the effects!

28 Aug, 2023


Eileen, thanks for your kind concern. Yes, it's definitely been a trying time. I guess it really hit home when I caught it again, then OH caught it the week after. Its not that you forget about covid, it's just that we'd stopped wearing masks. However, I had to do LFTs daily while off and I had to have 2 negative results before I could return to work. Our health service advises if you work face to face in Renal or Oncology, you have to follow the guidance to the rule. Which is understandable 100%.
Sometimes a break from posting is just fine, Eileen, biking and sewing are your other passions. You enjoy them all equally! Thank you for liking my blog, I do appreciate your well-wishes.

28 Aug, 2023


Thanks kindly, Josee, I am grateful to you for your kind wishes.
It's good to hear about your Nemesia. I very had this one a few years now, and I do worry it may be list to the winter. You've given me some hope! I didn't know they seeded, I'd be happy if mine were to pop up in other places! The scent is divine, I've seen other ones that are as equally attractive and fragrant. I do think it'll be another purchase for my list of next years garden choices. I do wonder if we have similar soil, Josee. I'd be keen to know what other things do well for you.
Thanks again for your message.

28 Aug, 2023


Hi Kate. I’m sorry you’ve been unwell. I guess your job exposes you to all the prevailing bugs. I’ve had Covid 2 or 3 times already and it’s very debilitating. I hope you are better soon. I needed an inhaler to help me get past the wheezing cough, but once I got it I recovered well.
I think we do eventually realise that our gardens have their own ideas and likes! When I came here I had some great ideas! Most have been thwarted by the exposed windy plot and the shallow topsoil! But since I removed the things that needed too much attention I have absolutely loved the results because everything is now thriving! I expect I shall go through it all again in Dorset! I love nemesia, it’s one of the few annuals that I would grow along with nasturtium, poppy, African daisy and viola. I don’t have any this year, sadly. Get well soon! Xx

29 Aug, 2023


Thanks Kate! I just take one day at a time, but it is hard.
I am lucky to have a such a lovely family and friends. xx

29 Aug, 2023


Sorry to hear you've been unwell. Your plants are very pretty.

31 Aug, 2023


Sorry to hear you've had covid again Kate and you've felt so wiped out with it. Hope you've hunkered down and you and hubby are now much better.
You've some pretty flowers there, I do like the pink rose and vivid red dahlia, it's a beauty.
Yes those slugs, with or without shells are a pain in the proverbial.... I went out at dusk a few weeks ago, after it had rained and picked 50 snails off the lawn and that wasn't all of them...I could hear the slugs tittering...:0)

1 Sep, 2023


Thank you, Karen, definitely on the mend, still tiring easily. Crikey, you've definitely been through it, haven't you! It's been pretty severe for you as you're now using an inhaler! I do hope it helps, but, it does show how the effects of this virus is disabling to many. Hopefully you're feeling better too!
I've enjoyed your garden, Karen, it's a attractive and interesting labour of love for you. You've a wonderful colleague of evergreens as well as beautiful colour. Plus your surroundings add to the setting you've nurtured.
Onwards and upwards as they say, you'll have an exciting time in Dorset. Cultivating and creating another lovely garden. Best wishes xx.

3 Sep, 2023


Rose, it's good to hear you are getting there with the love and support from all your nearest and dearest xx

3 Sep, 2023


Thank you, Hywel. Unfortunately, my line of work is always going to be a bit difficult at times to avoid these viruses and bugs.
Thanks again for liking the pics.

3 Sep, 2023


Thanks kindly, Janey, I appreciate your message. Hope you're doing okay? I know you've had a pretty trying time over the past year especially. Hopeful you're getting the support you need.
Thanks for liking the blooms! Not as many as last year, but, I'm working on a plan!
You've certainly had your spare and your neighbours of slimy creatures, by the sounds of it! We've had some success the past week, fingers and toes crossed, with ashes from our chiminea. Not a one spotted! Hoping it's not a short lived solution!

3 Sep, 2023


Hello Kate, I've not been around much so behind with everyones blogs and news, pleased you and hubby are recovering from that dreaded virus it really knocks you for six and takes so long to fully recover, it was the tiredness that carried on for weeks that affected us.....To me your garden is doing well, I often think when we lose plants our first thoughts are that the garden is suffering but in actual fact its deciding what it likes best, it often takes a while to sort out, especially when one has rebuilt so much as you had done last year...
I know its disappointing to lose plants to slugs and snails, my poor hostas have been destroyed this year despite the fact most of them are in pots and were treated, the plants in the garden did alright though so I can't be too angry can I....Lovely photo's Kate..x

6 Sep, 2023


Hi Sue, I can imagine you've been occupied with other things recently, it's also not long since your lovely Derek passed away too. I'm hoping you are keeping well and the family and friends are still looking after you and giving lots of hugs.
Thank you for stopping by. Its very kind of you, I appreciate your warm well wishes. Oddly, OH still has a cough and my throat still sore. Covid..a most horrid thing we've all endured haven't we.
I'm liking your thoughts regarding the garden and how it choses what works well and what doesn't. We're making the most of the project from last year, as you've mentioned, Sue. Well, we enjoyed some lovely weather in June and the recent week or 2. Take it while we can!
Have to say, we just got back from the Lake District yesterday afternoon and the slimy creatures haven't touched a leaf, looks like the ashes OH applied have worked! I'm hoping it's not a short lived solution! I do wonder if it's because we've all had more rain than usual this summer? We've had the slugs and snails decimating our hostas and the like?
Thanks again for your lovely message, Sue. Please look after yourself x

9 Sep, 2023

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