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Lovely few days in the Lake District.


By kate123


We went to the Lakes earlier this week, arriving on Tuesday afternoon and stayed until Friday lunchtime.
We stayed at The Grange Hotel in Grange over Sands for 3 nights, we’d been before, so it was familiar.
Putting Eve in to the cattery was difficult, but, we had to try. She was okay, of sorts. Pleased to be home though!
We really enjoyed our little holiday, the weather was such a bonus too! It was and still is gloriously hot and sunny. We managed to get up early, have our breakfast and jump in the car to get ahead of the crowds! It was still very busy, albeit that the summer season is over and the kids are back at school.
It’s just what we needed, and it was definitely worth it!

Ornamental Gardens in Grange.

Grange over Sands.

Quaint GC at Grange over Sands.

Bowness, Lake Windermere.

We took a boat trip around the Lake.

Took the ferry back across Windermere, we’d been to Ambleside then ended up stuck in roadworks followed by obstructive sheep on a teeny tiny road..quickest and less stressful route was the 4 minute ferry!! πŸ˜€

After Kendal one morning, we drove to Morecambe. We had a spot of lunch at the Midland art deco Hotel. We had a long walk on the prom and headed back. It isn’t a place I’d visit again. Apologies to anyone who lives there.

Pretty Kirkby Lonsdale.

View from our hotel bedroom window.

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Lovely photo’s Kate. Love the cottage with the green door and wobbly stone path! Glad you had a lovely time.

9 Sep, 2023


That holiday will have been really good for you and the wonderful weather was a bonus.
I love the Lake District and wish we lived closer than we do. We grew up in Southport so it was an easy journey to do in those days.
Your photos are lovely and you really did see some beautiful scenery. The colours are spectacular.

9 Sep, 2023


How lovely, pleased the weather was good for you.

9 Sep, 2023


Thanks for sharing Kate, what a gorgeous place for a break - particularly with sunshine πŸ™‚.

9 Sep, 2023


Thanks Amsterdam! Pleased you like the pics, there were so many little cottages with pretty doors and paths in Kirkby Lonsdale. A lovely place, there was a tiny market in the square that particular day.

10 Sep, 2023


Thank you, Julia. I can imagine you found Kirkby Lonsdale a nice place to stay, the houses and shops are very pretty.
We didn't buy anything from the little GC in Grange, we thought we'd go back before we left the hotel, but forgot! It was a lovely little place.

10 Sep, 2023


Thanks kindly, Chris! We definitely had a smashing time. OH hadn't been away anywhere since 2019, only the odd day trip. So, he was really keen and enjoyed every minute!
Southport is lovely too, we had a couple of holidays there as chips in the 70s. Good memories! Plus, you weren't too far from the Lakes, couple of hours?
Thanks again for your lovely message, pleased you liked the blog pics!

10 Sep, 2023


Aw, thank you, Sheila! I'm happy you enjoyed seeing the pics! As you say, the Lakes looked even more lovely in the sunshine!

10 Sep, 2023


Thank you, Sue, it was definitely a lovely little holiday. Thanks again.

10 Sep, 2023


Always busy the lakes Kate, glad you had a nice time, used to go two three times a year and stay in a cottage as most allow dogs, was always plenty to do even if it meant walking up a big mountain in the middle of a blizzard :) :)

10 Sep, 2023


I am pleased that you both had a pleasant few days away, a change f scenery is what's needed sometimes!

The last time we were in that area our daughter was doing a university dissertation ... about twenty years ago and we stayed at The Windermere Hotel.

I decided to look at current reviews of that hotel ... not at all good ... :o((

10 Sep, 2023


Thank you, Dave. You're right, we've been in every season apart from winter, and it's always busy!
I bet you and Kim had a lovely time when you went, great area for taking the dogs as you say. We didn't do any adventurous walking or hiking this visit!
Crikey! You must be keen on hill/mountain climbing if you ventured out in blizzard weather! πŸ˜‰

10 Sep, 2023


Thank you, Shirley, you're spot on! A change of scenery is definitely good for you! Quite boosting really, and it's always good to have time away from routine.
That's a pity that the Windermere Hotel has had poor reviews. Saying that, I put my review on earlier as our hotel had asked. I was pretty happy with everything. Some had written War and Peace style feedback! Quite indepth! I think they overanalysed everything.
Hopefully you may get the chance to go back one day.
Eve has been attached to me since we picked her up on Friday evening! It was her first stay at a cattery. All in all, she was fine!

10 Sep, 2023


It looks a lovely area, I'm pleased you had a nice break :)

10 Sep, 2023


Aw, thank you, Klahanie! I'm pleased you enjoyed my blog pics. It is such a lovely picturesque area of England. The gardens are beautiful, very verdant lawns and shrubbery. Hedging clipped to perfection! Ornamental and really inspiring. Especially the ones where the houses are right on the Lakes with their own boathouse. Picture perfect! We wanted to play pitch and putt at Ambleside, but it was so busy. Even the croquet lawn next to the putting green was busy. Didn't have enough time on our parking to wait all day!
I've only been to Canada once. We did an East Coast USA tour and we drove over the border to Niagara and stayed 2 days there. Beautiful to see! Hopefully maybe we will return, lots of interesting and beautiful places to visit!

10 Sep, 2023


Thanks kindly, Hywel! It's really quite a pretty area. It was definitely a lovely time away, thank you. ; -)

10 Sep, 2023


I bet Eve was thoroughly spoilt at the cattery! You will
feel more relaxed when you have your next break, knowing she coped ... :o)

10 Sep, 2023


Beautiful photos Kate and very pleased you enjoyed your break away. Love your photos of one of my favourite places, The Lakes. We had our honeymoon there 50 years ago.
I've never actually been to Grange though and it does look very nice. Gorgeous weather you had too. Yes, the cottage with the green door does look especially pretty and quaint.
I hope Eve was pleased to see you and I bet she enjoyed her little holiday too!
I'm busy feeding my daughter's cats at the moment while she's away. Willow is such a monkey, a proper teenage kitten..:)

11 Sep, 2023


I have never been to the Lake District, Kate and Rick always wanted me to go there with him, but I just can't drive on motorways anymore so it was lovely just looking at your photos.
I loved the Grange hotel you stayed at and loved the Ornamental gardens, plus the scenery there is stunning.
You were very lucky with the weather too!
Maybe one day I will go by coach!
Thank you for sharing this and pleased you had a restful break.

11 Sep, 2023


The break will have done you a power of good Kate, I'm pleased to see the weather was good for you, we haven't been to the lakes since before Covid descended on us, its my favorite place for a holiday and we hope to get there again soon.... Lovely photographs....

12 Sep, 2023


Glad you had a good break.

12 Sep, 2023


Thanks so much, Rose. I think you and Rick would have had a really lovely time. Maybe one day, as you say, you may possibly enjoy a coach trip to the Lakes.
I'm happy to hear you liked the pics and the hotel. We were definitely very lucky with the warm sunny weather last week! Someone 'up there' was looking down on us favourably!
Thanks again, Rose, it was great to get away and relax for a time πŸ€—

16 Sep, 2023


Aw thanks Shirley! The couple who have cattery said she only came out to the front to use the litter tray. She stayed in the little back area on the bed! When we picked her up, she was sat on the shelf in the back, with a little window in front - lying on my plaid shirt I'd left her as a comfort! Poor little puss. But she was okay. First time I guess, she's bound to be a little anxious. The couple are lovely though. She adapted back home within 10 mins! So all was well. :-)

16 Sep, 2023


Thanks kindly, Janey, we did really enjoy it to the max! The smashing warm weather was perfect too.
Grange is a pretty little town, a good base to drive to the Lakes in no time. Its called South Lakeland area.
Such a lovely place to have your honeymoon, Janey! Good memories of that area I imagine. Fortunately, it hasn't modernised much really has it! It still has that quaint, picturesque charm and beauty.
Eve was definitely pleased to be home, I do think she probably disliked every minute of her stay, but, she'll get used to it eventually!!!
I'll bet you're enjoying your time looking after your daughters pusscats! They are little characters aren't they!!

16 Sep, 2023


Thank you, Sue, happy you enjoyed the pics! They'll be spurring you on to get back to your favourite holiday spot! It's certainly one of ours too, it has everything and more, doesn't it!
It really did do us the power of good, as you say, rest, good weather, good food, walking, and the scenery..perfect!

16 Sep, 2023


Thank you, Ange! Yes. It was the perfect tonic. A most enjoyable time.

16 Sep, 2023


Kate, the part our Megan cat disliked was the drive from home to the cattery ... all twelve minutes of it were spent miaowing!

16 Sep, 2023


Some lovely places you go to Kate . I go on many coach trips and are also places I would or wouldn't go again. It is nice to see all these wonderful sites though

5 Oct, 2023

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