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Different days in December.


By kate123


The first pic is Wednesday this past week, as I travelled through Epworth to Haxey.
It was 0 degrees, crisp, frosty and blue skies. Quite a pretty drive.
The second pic is Thursday, the following day. Complete change in weather. 6 degrees, windy and very wet!
Such a difference in less than 24 hrs…
How is the weather this past few days in your area?
Horrid here this weekend..gusty gales and lashing rain.

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The phrase 'pulled thro' a hedge backwards' gives a clue as to how we locals look at the moment. Either lashed with wind and rain or mist and grey cloud here. One day recently of respite with sun and chill. I'm beginning to understand why some suffer from SAD!
Love your pics though, Kate.

10 Dec, 2023


yes the weather is yo-yoing.

11 Dec, 2023


Lovely photos Kate. Exactly the same here, in other words a complete change almost every day 🙂.

11 Dec, 2023


Wet wet wet!! But your photos were lovely Kate.

11 Dec, 2023


It appears to be much the same throughout the U.K. as we had wind and heavy rain yesterday ... today is 13 degrees with blue sky and sunshine ... tomorrow is going back to wet and windy!

11 Dec, 2023


I like the 2nd picture best, it isn't so cold. I hate icy sunshine more than I can say, it makes my skin sting and my joints ache. Give me a mild rainy day any time before frost. I enjoy watching the clouds race across the sky and the raindrops roll down the windows, and I don't have to be suffocating under layers of clothes and scarfes. And my skin doesn't sting and my joints don't ache (well not so much anyway)
If you enjoy icy sunshine good for you, but I hate it.

Our weather here isn't too bad at the moment. Today was sunny and warm, more like spring than deep winter. It can stay like that for me. And if not it can rain :)

11 Dec, 2023


Julia, I drove through Winterton this morning en route to my first visit. The field on the right, just as I left the village was like a lake! There were hundreds of geese having much fun! A new spot for them.

11 Dec, 2023


Thanks Ange, pleased you like! Have to agree, the weather is so topsy-turvy..every day is so different. I, too, can see why people suffer SAD in the dark, cold months...especially if they can't get out anywhere, that definitely makes it worse.

11 Dec, 2023


Eileen, you're not too far away, you'll be seeing what I see locally.

11 Dec, 2023


Thank you, Sheila 😊
Looks like nationally, we're all in the same situation weather wise..

11 Dec, 2023


Thank you, Rose! It's a lovely drive, albeit almost 50 miles from home! It certainly was wet, wet, wet on the Thursday!!! Flooded roads and fields throughout the county.

11 Dec, 2023


Think you're right there, Shirley. We're all having the same upside-down weather. Every day is so different. I drove out to near Haxey again today and it has been much milder and brighter with blue skies.

11 Dec, 2023


I like that we like different things, Hywel..makes for more discussion and interest too.
I do love a crispy, white frosty morning with winter sun and winter woollies!!! 🥶
Six of us went out to The Star Inn at Sancton on Saturday night...crikey, between gale force winds and lashing ladies were in need of a quick re - coiffeur when we made it indoors!!!!

11 Dec, 2023


hate the cold , the winds were strong here . We been lucky on our trips the weather gets quieter and always sunny , York was lovely ! But very cold

11 Dec, 2023


You drove through my village Kate! And I.know the road in your photos very well, with the old mill there. Love the first photo with the crisp blue sky. As you know, I'll have had the same weather as you, and yesterday, it was as miserable as sin! Not so today, the drive by the Humber was beautiful this afternoon, with purple and peach skies over the silver Humber, lovely!

11 Dec, 2023


HURRAH! Across the pond the USA is being blanketed with warmer Pacific air so no white Christmas for us. We do expect quite a bit of rain early in the week in the northeast where I live. The way things are going here I expect to scrape snow off the sidewalk with a tablespoon rather than push 30 pound lumps of it with a snow shovel for the rest of the season. I have noticed a definite warming trend as time has gone by in the northeast though I will be long gone before I ever have the chance to throw away the snow shovel and buy a broom to swat palmetto bugs and lizards of my walls as they do in Florida. Kate, all the best to you and yours for the coming New Year and the same to all the GOY members!

15 Dec, 2023


Yes, Paul, I agree. I loathe gales and torrents of rain. Especially when I out driving miles and miles.
One night last week, I was extremely late home from Lincolnshire. It was dark, no lights on country lanes, fog and then heavy rain.
Definitely had a white knuckle drive home!

16 Dec, 2023


That's right, Janey! I often drive along Top Road through the villages to avoid the dual carriageway and motorway . Much nicer!
The fields are like lakes and ponds throughout the county, at the moment!
Your drive the other day sounds pretty photogenic, with gorgeous coloured skies!!! It's very striking along the Humber when the skies are dramatic!

16 Dec, 2023


Loosestrife, I'm happy to hear you aren't expected to be overwhelmed with heavy snow! It's so pretty to look out at, but, as you say, not do good when it comes to clearing it all away!!! Heavy, heavy work indeed!
I do wish you and your family and friends a most wonderful Christmas! Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year too. 🔔

16 Dec, 2023

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