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An adventure too far maybe?


It was a lovely mild day today, so I decided the garden needed my attention. You see, I’ve hardly been in the garden since the end of Sept, when my Father-in – Law was taken seriously ill and with running my own business and bad weather my garden has had to take a back seat.
But today was the day I got back in my little bit of heaven, but where to start – erm remove the sweet peas – done. Remove died back bedding plants done. Then I thought the kittens are now 11 weeks and they’ve never been outside, so I opened the patio window and out they came.
They followed me around and explored everything, they were so excited, what an adventure. I walked around the pond with the intention of brushing the path and then it happened Rosie kitten just jumped into the pond – plop. (i have no idea why) I was so shocked to see this little thing splashing and struggling.I shouted my husband who came running, by this time Rosie had swam around in panic but managed to pull herself out. We took her inside and rubbed her down, then all we could do was laugh- and there ended my gardening day.
I’ll have to sort out the christmas tree now, as the kittens think the baubels only hang for them to remove them – little darlings -not!!!!!
To all of my GOY friends, I wish you all a fabulous Christmas and here’s to a wonderful gardening 2012. KAY

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Christmas trees and kittens...... Yes, I remember that!
Glad your story had a happy ending!

22 Dec, 2011


Merry Christmas, Kay ...
Glad you found time to enjoy your garden, and good that Rosie managed to climb out of the pond !
I did a small amount of gardening today ...
... lovely sunshine. :o)

22 Dec, 2011


brilliant blog Kay, and so funny, i gasped when i read what rosie did, how strange for a cat to do that, even though they can swim apparently, bet she had a shock, cause it would be so cold to, glad all is ok though and panic over.
enjoy your christmas and hope the tree stays upright haha :o)) x

22 Dec, 2011


aw silly wee kitty! GLad shes ok :))))))))))
Merry Xmas!

22 Dec, 2011


So sorry your father in law was ill :(((( Must have been a shock to see that :-O but at least all okay :))))))))))))))) - glad you got out into the garden - it was a beautiful sunny day at last here too :)))))

Have a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS :)))))))))))))

22 Dec, 2011


poor little rosie! she wont do that again!!

when minty was little she pulled all the tinsel [that she could reach] from the tree so i put little gold bells all round the bottom of the tree so i could hear when she was there!!

22 Dec, 2011


If there were bells on my tree sticki they wouldn't stop ringing lol. My daughter decided I wasn't being firm enough with the kittens over the tree -so she decided that everytime they climbed it, she pulled them out and said NO firmly and put them down, and guess what straight back up again - they won.

22 Dec, 2011


they probably encourage each other!!!
minty was fine the following year! have you got a video??

22 Dec, 2011


no sticki - I recently dropped my camera in a cup of tea. I'm hoping santa will be kind

22 Dec, 2011


i hope he will be too ~ have you been very very good? my camera takes videos as well.

22 Dec, 2011


Of course I have been Sticki - (fingers crossed behind my back)

22 Dec, 2011


Very mild down here too, Kay, so much better than last year! ... At least you managed to do a few chores in the garden before Rosie tested the pond water ... poor little kitten must have been so shocked! ... Megan is fascinated with the tree decs. and she's seven now ... daft cat! ... :o)

22 Dec, 2011


Xmas trees and cats LoL!

23 Dec, 2011


Oh! Poor Rosie! She'll not do that again in a hurry! I couldn't have gardened today over here, it was really parky!

24 Dec, 2011

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