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Hi everybody


I was amazed it’s been nearly 3 years since I’ve blogged on here. Well so much has changed in that short time. My communications stopped after I fell in my garden ( trying to rescue baby frogs from the cats) on doing so I managed to do a severe spinal injury.
Body brace and crutches for a year and then moved house leaving my lovely garden behind. I have moved to a bungalow which has a large corner plot. So it’s project on again.
I’m fully fit and raring to go. When I moved I had one truck for furniture and 1 truck for plants. Luckily the people moving into my old house wanted me to strip my garden. I moved and potted everything I could, sadly also had to fill in my pond. I still have my 3 cats and very patient hubby but all my adult children have moved out and I now have a granddaughter.
Pictures to come soon of what is hopefully the “befores”.
Great to make contact again with you all.

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Hi , So pleased to hear you are fit and well now , what a thing to happen ! good luck with the new home and garden , have fun planning it all but do take it steady no rush ! hopefully this 'summer' weather will buck up , yesterday we had the most terrific storm here in north kent , very wide spread though , so many plants battered and appear drowned , fingers crossed it will improve! .
Thanks for blog , and good luck .

26 Jun, 2016


OK. So after all that,did you take the frogs with you too? All jesting aside, I'm glad your back at it. Had a fall in my garden too not so long ago. Layed a trellis down, a few days later I tripped over it forgetting it was there and strained a Achilles tendon.

26 Jun, 2016


Kay(!!): Glad all is well now at any rate and you sound as if you are secretly glad of a new challenge.

Fancy the new people not wanting the garden. Unbelievable! I'd have been delighted to find one ready made.

26 Jun, 2016


Oh dear.....what a shame but pleased you are full 'mended' now. And, exciting times ahead with your new garden.
Strange, the people who bought our house insisted they wanted everything left as they loved gardening. So, I took just a few cuttings and my potted plants, leaving everything else behind(plants, rocks,bird feeders,bird bath, wooden archways etc etc). Imagine how annoyed I am 18 months later to see they have had everything dug up and dumped in skips, and turned the front garden into a car park. Fully, block paved with room for, probably 12/15 cars.....crazy...why would you want that much paving.and, the back garden has had a huge extension built on it so, virtually nothing left in there, plant wise, and the side garden(it was on a corner plot, like yours) has just been dug up and currently houses more building materials. The veg patch, potting shed, trees, shrubs, perennials......all gone!! Soon to be covered by decking, I suspect, seeng all the planks of wood there!

27 Jun, 2016

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