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Hope your all enjoying glorious gardens from above on TV


Every garden I have seen so far as been an absolute delight three cheers for the British Isles !

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Yes I am really enjoying it :))

24 Nov, 2014


I haven't seen it. It's on at such an inconvenient time. Even the repeats are on at an inconvenient time :(

24 Nov, 2014


i saw the one with St michaels mount was very good.

24 Nov, 2014


The thought that comes across is how tree planting
and water features such as lakes and streams years ago formed a basis of each garden.
In one the owner had a portable scaffolding built, when he was planting trees.
Sent a lad up it to wave a flag from the top, to that the man could see exactly where the tree would be when it was fully grown.
This idea could be used in our small gardens, without the
lad with flag. before we rush out spending money on shrubs.
Three cheers for Christine.
Drop whatever is important Hywel, you are missing a treat.

25 Nov, 2014


I have recorded the series,as we were away when they were on,but I've watched three of them so far,and enjoying them so much..OK,Christine can be a bit over the top sometimes,but rather that,than watching someone with less enthusiasm..It just oozes from her,and what a great insight into those lovely gardens:o)

25 Nov, 2014


I watched them on the bbci player Hywel

the one from Bodnant reminded me of my visit there one warm july day
and the one from Cragside in Northumberland, fascinating too to see how the inventive owner had electricity in the house before anyone else.....

25 Nov, 2014


The iplayer is too small and quiet Pam ... especially when Beryl and I want to watch it together :(
I've got a recorder but don't know how to use it lol - really can't be bothered with gajets (and I can't spell that !)

25 Nov, 2014


Sky plus here and then watch them at my leisure and really enjoying them, I wish Christine wasn't so gushy sometimes but can put up with that for the pleasure of seeing the gardens....

25 Nov, 2014


I have watched 3 episodes today 2 on the iplayer and one on bbc2 this afternoon...seeing the yews at Powys castle from above was the highlight. Christene wil have a go at anything...

25 Nov, 2014


Your spelling makes sense Hywel....its gadgets.....the d is unnessesary and the more I look at it the odder it looks!

sorry you can't use the iplayer, its small on mine, Christine is ott but the gardens are a delight

25 Nov, 2014


A great series of beautiful gardens. It has given us more ideas of which gardens we will try to visit next year.

25 Nov, 2014


I,only saw part of the first one ...the programme with Christine Walkden, ...yes??
Been frantically busy recently. I wish I'd seen the Cragside one....we visited it a few years ago and it's an absolutely stunning place. It must look superb from above, eecially that huge rockery!

25 Nov, 2014


Just highlights the thousands of volunteers who work in these huge gardens to preserve them. Wonderful people.

26 Nov, 2014


Hope you find it on iplayer Paul, Cragside now have been able to light the house with hydroelectricity again, the first house in the world to use it......and still using it today....
all the gardens are amazing from the air.........

26 Nov, 2014


Yes, I remember the house well.i don't usually enjoy walking around houses, just the gardens. But I liked that one....I suppose because it wasn't as old as many that we go to.there were a lot of victorian items still there like toys etc.
If I get time I'll try o watch on iplayer but so busy....surrounded by boxes and bubble wrap at the moment.

26 Nov, 2014


I am still laughing about how she ran round that enormous Fir Tree, and the surprised expressions on the children's faces.
Hope she does another series next year.

28 Nov, 2014


Hywel you could maybe get Beryl to put the recorder on for you. I have recorded the series but only had time to look at three so far. I would not have missed seeing the fantastic views from the balloon.

12 Mar, 2015

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