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Need a bit of advice !


Well I have have been asked by 3 lady friends to go on a holiday to Australia for a week then 2 weeks on cruise to New Zealand my concern is the long flight from Gatwick to Sydney 20hrs ? we are all in our 70s and reasonable fit anyone done that flight they need an answer soon so is it a yes or no …

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I've no doubt the initial flight might be tiring but you only live once, so if you're fit enough, go for it and have fun!

31 May, 2018


my daughter's school friend got married in Oz and her 85yr old diabetic and arthritic dad did the flight with out incident.
so as waddy says go for it. yes its long but you can get up and move about.
enjoy and take lots of pictures.

31 May, 2018


Different airlines take different times. Also it depends which class you take. Business or First are easy. I went with Emirates, economy which was harder. They give you more leg room though. I read up on how to survive long haul flights. There are different stop overs so check how long you have to wait between flights. Too little will have you running for flights which is awful.
Dubai airport is always cold so be prepared.
My husband is your age and I am in my mid sixties and we are thinking of going back.
Enjoy the movies you haven't seen and take a good book and neck support for the flight.
Australia is wonderful!

31 May, 2018


If you don't go, one day you will be sorry! Carpe diem : seize the day!

31 May, 2018


Life's too short , go for it you will love New Zealand, my son lived there. It is a beautiful country. The cruise will be fantastic.. MY son now lives in Hobart Tasmania. Whilst we were there last time we went to Sidney for a few days.
Yes the journey is long but u will come back to England with many happy memories.

31 May, 2018


I know someone in her 70s with COPD who went to New Zealand last year. She's now planning the same trip for next year

31 May, 2018


Well thanks all you have inspired me making final desisions this weekend will keep you posted ...

31 May, 2018


Well, I've flown from NY to Senegal, Africa. That took 3 days. I've stood at the feet of Mount Kilimanjaro. Then flew from Thailand to New Zealand, yep! Laos, Cambodia, Shrilanka, Indonesia. yep! I don't think I'd do it again. I don't ever want to see another airport.

If you never done it before, you should go. Don't let age be a factor. If you are healthy, have the money, eager and desirous. You should go. I loved New Zealand. I stayed in Auckland. The fabric of life is really about these treasured experiences. Bring plenty of reading material, comfortable shoes, crossword puzzle books.

31 May, 2018


I now have thick knee high stockings which support my leg muscles and prevent ankle swelling. Might be a good idea to get some for the flight. Cures the problem.

5 Jun, 2018


Thank you for your reasurance and advice glad to say the trip is booked !! we will be off in November ✈️? ? .

9 Jun, 2018


well done, I hope you have a marvellous time.

9 Jun, 2018


Do not forget the camera charger. We will all want to see where you have been. Have a wonderful trip.

9 Jun, 2018


Great news!

Something to really look forward to now. Do tell us all about it.

10 Jun, 2018


Great! Enjoy your trip. Sounds like an adventure.

11 Jun, 2018


It helps going with friends. My son went, said nobody spoke to him all the 10 hours to Singapore. He wouldnt go that way again.

12 Jun, 2018

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