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It is so hot here in Wales !


Not complaining just sitting in the shade I love to be outdoors but my bungalow gets very hot the sun moves to the back of bungalow at about 3pm and stays there till it sets at about about 9-20 directly behind the back of my garden which faces west must say this week I have been willing it to go down behind the mountain opposite because of the position I get brilliant sky’s the summer solstice sky was brilliant !! sleeping as been difficult and my bedroom faces the east with the

sun coming in about 6am so long days at the moment but that’s life and it’s good Enjoy the dry weather while it lasts . the first photo temperature is in my kitchen the second is directly in the sun on the wall outside my kitchen which is facing west so it’s windows open and blinds down , also one of the summer solstice sky , and one of my garden at 10 minutes passed 10 on Wednesday night ! time for bed but light enough to do bit of weeding LOL 🙂


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Very hot here too, quite unbearable really. You have a lovely sunset there. It always surprises me how late the sky goes really dark in June. 11.10 tonight and it was still light over the horizon.

30 Jun, 2018


Phew, finding this weather so tedious and boring.... Just goes to show how much of my day is taken up with gardening....and many of you, I expect. Thankfully Wimbledon starts tomorrow(avid follower) although I do feel for anyone who has to expend energy with these conditions.

1 Jul, 2018


My goodness, you've had it hot haven't you? Mind you the temperature has been reaching 30degree here too. Who would have believed in the freezing winter and then the soggy spring we'd end up with a summer too hot to garden in?

1 Jul, 2018


I sympathise totally Hywel, our dorma bungalow faces east/west so gets the sun on some part all day. upstairs is terrible at night. we sleep in the west facing bedroom, really hot at night but lovely and cool first thing in the morning.

Not sure how hot the garden has been but the greenhouse is 28c at 8.30am before we get the doors open. the automatic vents are fully open by then too.

2 Jul, 2018


My kitchen faces north, is cool all day. I have discovered a new hobby. Only like steamed vegetables in the microwave
oven as more nasty and nutritious. I can make freezer meals for less than £1 each !
I put them on a greaseproof paper square, laid on a
teaplate, fold over the sides to middle, sellotape shut then place in the freezer. Remove plate when taken out, and put back in the freezer to store. Just have to make the gravy when I use one. We have all this modern technology, good to think of ways to use it to save money.

3 Jul, 2018


Now that is a very clever idea, Diane...I freeze such a lot of things ..but separately ..never thought of putting a complete meal on a plate ...I will definitely try that method in the future, so thank you!! and living on the 3rd floor I could at least sleep with all my windows wide open in all that heat!

11 Aug, 2018


I find Broccoli steam cooks beautifully, then freezes well when cold. Decorative to add to meals and warm up.
Cabbage not so good, but improves with a little chopped left over cooked bacon.

12 Aug, 2018

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