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What I think about snow


It’s like cakes naughty but nice ! snow is nice but Naughty! it stops me going out but I might build a☃️☃️ 😀 stay cosy and warm everyone.
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I'm sorry you are marooned but indoors is the best place to be in cold weather. The snowman will be company for you :)
We have a very light dusting here, it looks as if someone has been all over the rooftops with a sugar sifter.

1 Feb, 2019


I must say I really do like snow, except for driving in it. I like to shovel it while it's a fine powder. I love getting up at 3am to clear the drive & walk. I love how it changes the landscape, refreshes the soil beneath, crunching beneath my boots. It's usually gone in a few days and forgotten. We only got a fine dusting the other day, but nothing really.

1 Feb, 2019


we have a dusting today too. I love it when it is fresh and clean. but by day 3 if its got dirty I hate it. Sitting in front of an open fire and snuggled under one of my quilts is a preferred position at this time of year.
stay safe and warm. Fortunately don't have to go out either, unless its with the camera and binoculars..

1 Feb, 2019


I love when we get a big storm, then a blue sunny sky and the snow is still on the trees, just beautiful.

1 Feb, 2019


Trouble is too cold to potter in the garden. It all looks lovely and we have clear blue skies here but it is really, really cold.
It is funny, when we are in rural Sweden at our sons' house we love going out in the deep snow. We go looking for mouse. (not the tiny ones)

2 Feb, 2019


We haven't got any but we are having a nice sunny day with a light blue sky and a few low greyish clouds out to the west. Trouble coming?

2 Feb, 2019


Yesterday I found out what a Polar Vortex is. It's when the weather conditions at the North Pole extend downward in a whirling air mass and sits over my house for a few days. Devastatingly cold.

2 Feb, 2019

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