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Really enjoyed !


Monty Dons Gardens of America stunning gardens and so much history about the areas owners and who they had to design them .

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Not seen them. I don't really like Monty Don so I don't tend to watch his programmes. I know: cutting my nose off to spite my face :o))

31 Jan, 2020


I recorded them Kidsgran and have watched some so far. I tend to record things and then I can skip anything that I don't want to listen to, but mostly that's for the adverts!
I thought they were really interesting, I haven't watched the one about the giant redwoods yet, but am prepared to be amazed! You could try watching it with the sound off Seaburn, I do that with some programmes if the presenter is annoying. Winterwatch at the moment is a programme I can take or leave, I find Chris Packham condescending sometimes.

1 Feb, 2020


Yes I do the same good to be able to skip the dreaded adverts I feel the same about Chris Packham .

1 Feb, 2020

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