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Fast growing out of space....


Love my new mini green house but i’m slowly running out of space there too…

Really need the weather to change very soon :-)

and theres more ….

then back in the kitchen theres some sweet peas, cherry toms for hanging baskets and another batch of lettuce.

This week i’m going to be praying for dry weather so i can get out into top part of garden and clear more of the rubble to make space for hubby to build the first of my raised beds.

Fingers crossed xx

Hope everyone had had a lovely easter w.end, what ever you maybe doing xx

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Happy Easter to you too Kimmy. You are well ahead with all those plants raring to go. If you plant them out now be careful of frosts.They all look very healthy.

4 Apr, 2010


having the same problem here kim my small greehouse is full am now taking over the spare bedroom, kitchen etc...just got in from the garden dry but very windy and not exactly tropical ..hope you get the dry weather and raised bed sorted out got to get back to the easter eggs now !

4 Apr, 2010


happy easter kimmy you have lots of healthy looking plant there, i hope we get some better weather soon to, mind itd been lovely here today, sunshine but rain tomorrow they say :o)

4 Apr, 2010


Well I am like you Kimmy, Ive got loads of seedlings in the kitchen, not much space to cook any more!!! The living room is turning in to a greenhouse to, plus my 2 cold frames are full to. Oh weatherman where is the sun.

4 Apr, 2010


I only have a small garden Kimmy but I have found some more room using spare guttering to grow things in :-)
See my blog 'spare guttering idea' :-)

26 Apr, 2010


I love the spare guttering idea. Is there any way of attaching them to the inside of the greenhouse. It would make so much more space available when it is too cold to plant outside. I have 8 x 4 shelf high plastic bookcases. They slot together using pipe type uprights. I lower and raise them as necessary but there is still room between them and the glass to put guttering if anyone knows how to do that. I have a standard 6 x 8' gh

26 Apr, 2010


Can't think how to do that at the moment Scotsgran but I am sure someone here will come up with something. I didn't think of putting the guttering inside.
Someone had a good suggestion of when the seedling come up in the guttering, make a trench in the soil outside and slide all the plants out in the trench :-)

26 Apr, 2010


Yes I've seen them using guttering for peas to stop them being checked when transplanting. Can't think where, maybe on Beechgrove Garden.

26 Apr, 2010


Could you get some garden wire Scotsgran and tie it between the uprights. Then you could wire the guttering to it. If not could you make a 'hammock' out of the wire and suspend the guttering from the roof - or use both ! :-)
I fixed another gutter today under the first one and filled it with salad bowl lettuce and spring onions. I made the brackets out of some aluminium tube that I had in the shed and hammered it flat and then bent it :-)

26 Apr, 2010

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