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wildfires in Washington State.


Unfortunately, west coast of US is burning and it brought lots of smoke to southern Vancouver Island and lower BC mainland.
This is our general view during summer days. Blue skies and blue ocean with Saltspring Island across the channel.

Today it looks like this….. and no its not acloudy day. Forecast is for sunny and warm day.
No blue sky no blue ocean and no Island on other side of the channel.

No gardening for me today. My lungs are not as healthy as they used to be.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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I did see this on our national news, Klahanie. Very distressing. Hopefully the fires will subside, maybe the rain will come - soon I hope for everyone at risk or sadly, the people who’ve suffered it’d be too late I guess,
Sending best wishes and hopefully this will end soon, with no more tragedy.
Wishing you well too.

12 Sep, 2020


oh heck sorry to see this , saw news other day and it looked terrible , pray for fires to cease and things to clear , it's a bad situation and best wishes from me also , stay safe .

13 Sep, 2020


I also saw the reports of the fires on our news. That is so worrying on so many levels.
You do right to stay in out of the smoke. take care of your self.

I feel so sorry for the people caught up in these wild fires. Were they started by nature or careless humans? I know some of the fires we had last summer were deliberate. I just don't understand the mind set of some people.

13 Sep, 2020


Such a beautiful place to live.

I do hope that very soon the view will be back again and the smoke filled air will have dispersed and that it doesn't happen again.

13 Sep, 2020


I have a friend on a gardening group in FB , she has put photo's on of the sky where she lives , San Francisco, it was a really weird yellow, like smog, she said its terrible as regards breathing...

13 Sep, 2020


Sorry to hear about this, I knew about the fires but didn't realise what an effect they had on surrounding areas. I hope they can somehow be controlled and extinguished very soon.

13 Sep, 2020


All these natural disasters are quite shocking at the moment. They seem to be coming one after the other in different parts of the world. I hope you have a rapid return of your beautiful view.

14 Sep, 2020


I've been watching this on the news but didn't realise it had got as far as you Klahanie. On one news cast it showed the air and sky as orange from the fires. Devastating for the people who've lost their homes and everything they own and there are some that have lost their lives. Very sad.

14 Sep, 2020


I cannot imagine what it must be like for all of you, my heart goes out to all the people living in all these places, makes me so very thankful to be here , you stay safe Klahanie x

14 Sep, 2020


I hope you are wearing a respirator. That can't be good. Hope it clears up soon.

18 Sep, 2020


I hope it is clearing up there, stay safe Klahanie.

19 Sep, 2020

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