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Ginkgo biloba


Few facts:

The Oldest Tree on Earth.

Oddity in nature because it is a single species with no known living relatives.
Living fossil that has been essentially unchanged for more than 200 million years and a living link to the age of dinosaurs.

There are only five living groups of seed plants, and ginkgo is one of them.

The first Westerner to encounter it and wrote about it — was Engelbert Kaempfer,( Dutch East India Company)

Plants were introduced into Europe in 1750’s.

In China, it’s mainly seeds that are used medicinally
Yet, the Ginkgo biloba that you buy in health food stores here is an extract of the leaves.
Although, its medicinal value is difficult to prove .

Possibly most recognizable leaves of any tree.

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it is a lovely tree isn't it. I cant remember is the male or the female tree that smells disgusting?

Have you taken your Lizard?? blog down? I was hoping to show the photo to my daughter. She has been in Oxfordshire celebrating her engagement to a lovely young man.

12 Oct, 2020


We have one in the garden which has become quite tall now. It is most unusual and its leaves are so lovely.

12 Oct, 2020


I love these. 20 years ago I grew some from seed but I've never managed to get them to germinate since.

12 Oct, 2020


Interesting to read about the Ginko tree, I have a small one in a pot, it's a cutting from a bigger one that grew in my previous garden. I've repotted it this year so hope it will grow a bit bigger next year.

12 Oct, 2020


Thanks Klahanie.

12 Oct, 2020


Yes it’s a lovely tree, here’s an interesting fact about the Ginko, when the Atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki many Ginkos survived and over the years seeds have been collected and new trees have been nurtured and planted over here in the uk, I saw this on the news over here a few years back.

12 Oct, 2020


I love the Gingko tree esp when they get huge.

13 Oct, 2020


What a great informative blog, and as you remark the leaves are so easily recognized.

13 Oct, 2020


A beautiful tree, Klahanie. Another fine specimen you have! Love the colour and leaf shape as mentioned by some others. Very interesting and informative blog.

19 Oct, 2020

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