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beauty of Autumn


I cannot resist to share with you my love for autumn season. I know this season is not loved by everyone (for obvious reasons) but here are few pictures why I love it so much

Japanese Forest Grass (Hakonechloa Macra) in its fall finery

in detail

Magnolia stellata in November.

Fruit and berries display

Firethorn is hiding our water spout with wonderful red berries in autumn

Leafless grape vines with their fruit.

Crabapple Red sentinel

Japanese maple Osakazuki still holding on its leaves….

…..while other maples are ready to rest

Colour of stems of Himalayan Balsam or Impatiens glandulifera (invasive) Standing tall way after their flowers are gone. Bees absolutely love these

Very deep green colour of Cryptomeria japonica ‘Black dragon’

Shiny dark red leaves of Leucothoe fontanesiana,

Variegated leaves of Rhododendron President Roosevelt

Climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala petiolaris) in pretty yellow.

Lots of mushrooms at this time of the year. When growing up in Europe I remember collecting mushrooms in the forest with my father . Here I do not . Although ,we joined a group of people to go mushroom hunting with a local chef and he made us a wonderful meal from our harvest. Including mushroom martini. My Canadian OH would eat those . The very popular mushrooms are big pine mushrooms which I did not find on our property but there are some patches of chanterelles. I can see these selling in the store.

These boletes in my picture are probably edible but will not try to find out.

Some of them look cute but most are not edible.

Mums are starting to bloom outside
Liked Andrews blog and happy to hear that they are “in fashion” again

Bringing some of them inside for autumn cheer

Cool fresh temperature in the morning but forecast is still pleasant for next week. Hopefully they are right.

My greenhouse at dusk…pretty daunting. We keep the grow light on most of the day as we do not have any winter sun from now on…until March.

I hope you are all also enjoying bits and pieces of your gardens and surroundings as much as I do.

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Vancouver is beautiful in Autumn. Loved your blog Klahanie.

8 Nov, 2020


I've really enjoyed the tour of your garden, such fabulous plants and colours. I'd love a pot full of your chrysanthemums; they're a mouthwatering colour. Andrew's blog and yours will kick me on to doing something about my lack.

9 Nov, 2020


Oh Klahanie, its not surprising you enjoy Autumn! You certainly know how to plan your planting for this time of year! Its breathtaking.

9 Nov, 2020


its a toss up between sring and autumn for me. its atumn at the moment just because we are in it.
love the colours you have.
the Balsam made me smile as that is one plant that my daughter is continually pulling up on the nature reserves she works on. One of our most problematic plants in the UK. I do love the flowers though.

9 Nov, 2020


Gorgeous photos Klahanie , my son would love mushroom hunting there he belongs to a club ' Up North ' , I'm tempted to join one but haven't come across many shrooms here there's not the forest areas around us ...

9 Nov, 2020


Our weather here has been so erratic lately - with the onset of autumn and those storms churning down in the Gulf of Mexico. Impossible to predict.

9 Nov, 2020


Beautiful blog Klahanie ... amazing to have so much colour now. And I’m impressed that your Acer osakazuki has kept its leaves ... ours dropped its more than a week ago. Sorry to hear you’re going to lose the winter sun.

9 Nov, 2020


Thanks for sharing, Klahanie. Your blog just epitomises autumn, full stop! Such beautiful autumnal colour.
Just to sit and watch the world go by and enjoy Mother Nature on the bench seat in pic 1 - joyful.
The hakonechloa is lovely, we saw another one or two the week on GoY and they are so striking in autumn.
The acers are always lovely to see and the yellow leaved climbing hydrangea is a little bit special. Nice to see different fungi. We’ve a few dotted around with it being damp and foggy in the early morning and often late evening.

9 Nov, 2020


Klahanie, I just love your garden, the trees in the background are equally beautiful as the rest of the garden it really does have that wow factor even the shed blends in well with the surroundings, thanks for sharing.

9 Nov, 2020


Yes Klahanie that's the same son :o)

9 Nov, 2020


Lovely blog.Kh. What an amazing tapestry of colour you have. I enjoyed looking at all your lovely plants, thank you.

10 Nov, 2020


Ah, now I understand Klahanie. Yes, I remember the big trees at the edge of your estate ... thank you for the explanation 🙂.

You have a good memory - yes I do have Acer ‘Jordan’ but it’s now dropped its leaves.

10 Nov, 2020


It's a very pretty season, you have so much in your garden.
Interesting to see the mushrooms ...

11 Nov, 2020


What gorgeous pictures. You certainly finish the growing season with spectacular colours.

11 Nov, 2020


That's all true Klahanie. The last storm we had was Zeta, which is the 6th letter in the Greek alphabet. Eta is swirling around in the Gulf right now; that's the 7th.

11 Nov, 2020


Spectacular Klahanie I love all the autumn colours when viewed like this they are as good as any summer border.

13 Nov, 2020

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