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In memory


of Camellia “Elsie Jury”.

I tried to protect you against our deer but could not save you against the nature’s will.

I found your pieces under the fallen monster

and saw that you wanted to bloom for me.

I even had a picture of how you should look when you grow up

Sorry you had to go so young.


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So sorry for your loss. If it's not too late, maybe you can try to root a few cuttings from your camellia. Give it a go, nothing to loose.

Here is a video tutorial that will show you the technique:

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6 Jan, 2021


Bathgate, I already have few branches in the soil. Thank you. It is very thoughtful of you.

6 Jan, 2021


Oh dear, the hurt runs deep..
Let's hope you have success with cuttings.

6 Jan, 2021


What a shame your Camelia is damaged, it's so disappointing when all our hard work is destroyed. Maybe it will regrow.
Good advice from Bathgate and I'm glad you've got some cuttings - Good luck !

6 Jan, 2021


when you posted the blog about the damage I hoped you would take cuttings as several people suggested. Did you find the original root ball? that may well send up shoots unless of course it was grafted in which case you will not get the same form.

it is a pretty one. lets hope you can get a replacement if yours don't take.

6 Jan, 2021


I'll get over it Anget.

It may seem like I whine a lot about this event but this is not the first time I lost plants to weather, soil or other conditions. Such is life around here. We live in a heavily treed area and trees come down all the time. We had high winds yesterday and all ferries to mainland were cancelled.
We lost our power again last night due to a fallen tree further down the road, so we are not finished with this horrible weather yet. Tons of rain too. ( making a national news)

I thought it would be neat to write an little eulogy for one of my favorite plants. I hope you liked it.

Thank you all for your kind words.

6 Jan, 2021


Sbg, there is a small stub left and I will let you know later in the year if anything develops. Thanks for liking it.

6 Jan, 2021


I enjoyed your eulugy, Kalahnie, if 'enjoyed' is the right word. I feel for you having lost such a lovely shrub and your majestic trees too. And when it devastates an area that you have taken lots of care and time to develop.
In the countryside, years ago, we had to watch large elms being reduced by disease and it was heartbreaking.
I hope the horrid weather improves for you soon.

6 Jan, 2021


You're not whining, just telling it like it is. It's good to write down the way we feel and the way you wrote the eulogy is very nice :)

6 Jan, 2021


Living where you do I suppose you are actually more used to that happening than we are, I liked your eulogy but before reading my first thought was " Oh No !!!, we've not lost somebody else surely...." I'm afraid in these troubled times, sadly those thoughts are first and foremost but seeing the lovely photographs and reading the words actually made me smile Klahanie, your love of your garden shone through and that is something I love.xx

6 Jan, 2021


I can understand how you feel, our plants mean so much to us, but has sure has the the sunshine follows rain it will return albeit slow.

6 Jan, 2021


I think that is the most beautiful Camellia I've ever seen - no wonder you are heartbroken. Surely we are all hoping that the remaining root will send up some new shoots in the Spring.

6 Jan, 2021


Thank you Anget, It is always hard for us gardeners to see a plant to get sick or destroyed.

Thank you Hywel for liking my eulogy. I think Elsie Jury would be pleased. X

Lincslass , you read me right. I do love my plants. Every one of them. Like a mother. Although, I do have few favorite children.

I am delighted that you like this Camellia Yorkslass. It had much lighter green leaves than my other camellias and the flower was so cheerful and innocent not big and dominating. It resembled a young smiling girl going to her prom dance.

Julian, some people will never understand gardeners feel for their plants. Thanks.

6 Jan, 2021


Very effective way of expressing your disdain for the weather and how it affects things we nurture and enjoy, Klahanie. The camellia looks an absolutely beautiful flower, colour and very floriferous too. I will keep everything crossed for you, hoping that you will be able to save something with your already planted cuttings.

6 Jan, 2021


Your eulogy is an imaginative idea, and WHAT a beautiful camellia you are mourning. It makes us understand just how upsetting its loss is. I hope your cuttings will strike. x

6 Jan, 2021


So the climate in Vancouver, must be more mild than New York, because I can't grow camelias here. Winters are too brutal - or so I'm told - or can I? Klahanie please weigh in.

6 Jan, 2021


Thanks Kate and Sheila . I usually do not write eulogy for my plants I lost and they are many.Some of these are with me for few years and then decide to die for lots of reasons I do not completely understand.
Bathgate, although, camellias are usually hardy to zone 7-9 , Certain camellia "sasanqua" varieties are hardy to zone 6 (so they say) I believe that you are zone 6-7,right?
Camellia "japonica" blooms in early spring and the frost will damage their buds so better bet would be one which blooms in fall.
I know from various webboards that some people grow camellias in New York, especially around Long Island where the temperatures are more favorable. They might not live if the temperature is less than -5deg C for longer period of time.
Try to grow one (fall blooming) in container. They are evergreen and require acidic soil.

I think if you visit your local nursery you can inquire there. They will be more knowledgeable than me.

New York has little bit colder winters than South Vancouver Island (but much warmer summers).

6 Jan, 2021


Thanks Klahanie I will defiantly inquire at my nursery

6 Jan, 2021

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