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A hellebore that deserves an attention


For some reason for couple of years I have more hellebores than I deserve…not being a complete fan of them. Maybe an OH influence.

This (Rodney Davey Marbled Group)hybrid is called Pippa’s Purple.( Frostkiss®) – This is a sister plant to ‘Anna’s Red’

It has smokey pink flowers with burgundy flecking and deep purple stems. Leathery, deeply lobed, silver-marbled leaves are ornamental and make the plant look elegant.
It flowers for ever. There are not many plant options that give us colours through the winter season and therefore hellebore seem to be “still” popular.

Leaf colouration

Hellebore Klondike Gold. The Mardi Gras Series is bred by Charles Price of Seattle USA
Perennial Plant of the Year 2005.
and it is the only yellow I own.

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It is not dissimilar to one I have called Penny's pink. It too has marbled leaves and goes on for ever.
I too only have one yellow one but it is an un-named Ashwood seedling.

I was late in coming to the party where hellebores are concerned but I wouldn't be with out them now.

16 Apr, 2021


I still haven't reached the party! Must look into buying more interesting ones.

16 Apr, 2021


SBG, I believe that "Penny's Pink" comes from the same family. Another sister of "Anna's "and " Pippa's" They are all gorgeous.
Meadowland, I know you will be smitten . Put one or two in your tulip garden.
Thank you both for your comment.

16 Apr, 2021


Good suggestion, K....thank you.

16 Apr, 2021


Lovely blog Klahanie. I wouldn’t be without Hellebores ... so lovely and so long-flowering 🙂.

17 Apr, 2021


Lovely marbled leaves. Mine were deciduous over winter.

17 Apr, 2021


Thank you Sheila for your kind comment.

Siris, when do leaves on your hellebore start to emerge again?

18 Apr, 2021


Khalanie, most of my Hellebores retain their old summer leaves over winter, and are starting to grow new ones now, the old leaves going brown, but the marbled (only one plant) looses all its leaves and is just starting to grow new ones, so don't think it will now flower now.

18 Apr, 2021


Beautiful hellebores, Klahanie. I love your description of the top one...sounds just right.
I do like them, they seem to brighten up a winter/spring garden or woodland..

18 Apr, 2021


Thank you Siris for letting me know about these leaves.

Kate, thanks for your comment. It is appreciated.

19 Apr, 2021


Love that purple one Klahanie it would be worth the planting for the leaves alone.

20 Apr, 2021


You are right Stroller, it's leaves are big and very ornamental. One cannot miss them.
Thank you for your comment.

20 Apr, 2021

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