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Holiday weekend - Victoria Day in Canada


Weather was very pleasant past week. Good enough to sit on the deck to watch bold eagles cruise above and white sails passing by on the water below.

We have glass panels on our front deck and the line in the middle is a top of the glass. I get that when a take pictures sitting down.

Birds are feeding young ones . In my view from my lounger.

We have lots of American robins nests around They are are looking for worms and following me when I water.

One decided to build a nest right on the rafter close to the door. We tried to discourage her but she insisted. Can you see her?

She thought that we are less trouble than this frequent visitor.

I discovered these babies of Winter Wren in my chair in the greenhouse.
There were 4 but one did not make it.
How they got there….that I do not know. I did not find any nest but mama Wren is always there nibling on my young plants.


We still feeding our hummingbirds and I can watch them from my computer chair.

Garden is just waking up and it is fun to see everything grow up so quickly and buds bursting open.

Feels like summer is very close.

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that is a beautiful blog Klahanie. Nature is amazing.

23 May, 2021


Loved your blog, Klahanie! Almost felt like I was there with you, watching the white sails go past...and enjoying nature at its best.
Beautiful blue skies...beautiful little birds, those little babies are too cute for words. Sadly one didn’t survive, but...survival of the fittest. It’s not pleasant, but at least the others are here and looking healthy. The hummingbird is great to see too, thanks for posting this lovely pic!

23 May, 2021


Thank you kindly for your comments SBG and Kate.
Always good to hear how others react to someone's pictures.

23 May, 2021


I loved this blog Klahanie. An arm chair holiday for me looking at your exotic birds & the view from your deck. The baby wrens are sweet. I hope the rest all survive. I very much like the owl. Does it take baby birds as well as rodents?

24 May, 2021


I am glad you liked my holiday weekend blog Feverfew.

Our hummingbirds are intrigued by the owl , they are very curious little birds and fly right up to it. The owl ignores them.
Robins make all sorts of racket (danger, danger) when it is around. They give me a clue that owl is nearby.

But owls are nocturnal so most birds are safe... I think.
We also have quite a few squirrels and bunnies around which I think would make a better meal for them.

24 May, 2021


I'm envious of your views, plants and birds, Klahanie. Those babies are adorable.

25 May, 2021


Thank you for your lovely comment Anget.

26 May, 2021

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