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This is my friend’s dahlia garden. I wish it was mine.

They have a property not too far away from us. Their land is very different from ours. Ours on a slope and mostly forested, theirs is mostly flat and open to lots of sun.

They have all sorts of flowerbeds and grow many different plants but this dahlia garden is always most spectacular.

They do not keep names but some close-up examples.

I believe that this is dahlia Lake Ontario but it could also be Lady Darlene:

This pretty flower is of dahlia “Lisa”

Most likely dahlia Park Princess

Quite a few purple dahlias

It is a big job every fall to dig them up and then in spring to plant them …..but so far they do it every year as far as we know them. It changes slightly from one year to another but it’s always spectacular.

Behind these beautiful dahlias is a fair size vegetable garden. Here we can see corn peeking from behind. Lots of goodness is grown there every year and sometimes we are lucky to taste some.

Joan’s dahlia garden. Posted with her permission.

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My word, those are spectacularly beautiful and its not surprising you are a bit envious! But your garden is just as lovely in a different way. Is her Spring garden lovely too?

17 Oct, 2021


My goodness, that's a labour of love! The effort involved each year must be enormous. Spectacular results, though.

18 Oct, 2021


what a lovely dahlia garden. such stunning examples.
I have always liked these big blousy plants. they make great cut flowers too.

I bet there are bits of your garden your neighbour coverts too.

18 Oct, 2021


Your friend has a fantastic Dahlia display,Klahanie,and so many varieties ..They have definitely made a come back here too,and have been on my 'must have' list ,for the past couple of years. I don't think I could choose a favourite amongs them..maybe your friend wouldn't mind me popping over to help make my mind up ? ..I wish ! lol..

18 Oct, 2021


Absolutely Gorgeous! compliments to your friend , but I do admire your lovely garden and as you say your is different .

18 Oct, 2021


Agree with all the comments!!! What a delightful garden filled with the most beautifully coloured dahlias! I don't think I could pick a favourite but, that first close up...simply gorgeous!!!

18 Oct, 2021


Beautiful Klahanie. I think there's a 'Mom's Special' and a 'Tartan' in there I recognise from my own.

19 Oct, 2021


What a vast collection your neighbour's have. Love them all. Thank you for getting her permission to share with us.
A lovely blog. I like the Norwegian horses. I have only seen one once ( at a show). They are very special. I'm sure Joan likes your more natural type gardens too.

19 Oct, 2021


Beautiful Dahlia garden, I love them. Wish I had more room to grow them.

19 Oct, 2021


My goodness what a show.I love them all

20 Oct, 2021


A colorful and spectacular garden. I enjoyed the tour. Thank you Klahnie.

20 Oct, 2021


Thats stunning I love them but slugs take the lot

20 Oct, 2021


What spectacular Dahlias, and your pictures do them justice.

3 Nov, 2021

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