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In early November


We have lots of hummingbirds this year. I do not think I have ever seen so many at one place even on our trips to Arizona or Mexico. All the pictures are taken from my computer chair so the quality is not so great. They keep me entertained but taking a good picture is impossible.

A long waiting line at this restaurant.

…….. they flock to the same feeder and it becomes very popular even though there are many others around which are less popular. Food is the same. Sometime I wonder if it is a feeder or its location which promotes this behaviour. Birds with a human nature?

I call them sugar junkies. We go through lots of sugar. The boy who delivers the groceries to our car asked if we bake a lot…LOL

Andy with his hummingbirds. He is the one who is taking a good care of them

Hummingbirds with dark heads are males. When sun hits them they are brilliant red.

Sometimes I see 2 sharing the same hole….which is very unusual for them. They could be a family.

They are fun to watch so closely.

Thank you for your visit.

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they are so beautiful. We have similar antics with the tits that visit our feeders.

9 Nov, 2021


They are wonderful to see … particularly for us in the UK who would normally never see them. Thank you for sharing your photos Klahanie 🙂.

9 Nov, 2021


It would be no contest between watching the hummers or working on the computer if I were there, Klahanie! I would get nothing done.. They are obviously quite relaxed around Andy. What charming photos, thank you.

9 Nov, 2021


Wonderful birds. They don't seem bothered by your OH. Thanks for the information about them.

9 Nov, 2021


Does he spend a lot of time with them? It must be wonderful to have them so unafraid and to be able to see them so close!

9 Nov, 2021


Both my OH and I enjoyed your blog and pics, Klahanie! Thank you for sharing these beautiful birds with us. They are so very enchanting….I do hope you manage to get them to feed from your hand next spring, that would be magical.

9 Nov, 2021


Just wonderful to see so many of these fascinating birds so close to your home.
Beautiful photos - thank you.

9 Nov, 2021


Fabulous little birds, ty for sharing them with us. Are all your feeders the same design & colour? I was wondering if perhaps the nice red attracts them to that feeder.

10 Nov, 2021


Goodness Klahanie, what a wondrous sight!
They are so cute and it's great that you've captured them in mid flight too. How tame they appear to be and what company for the Autumn.. Like a host of little children needing your attention! It's such a treat to see them, thanks Klahanie!

12 Nov, 2021


Your garden is like hummingbird Grand Central. They've come to trust and rely upon you.

12 Nov, 2021


I have a little green hummingbird that comes to visit me when my Coral Honeysuckle is in bloom. I think it's his favorite plant. It blooms throughout the summer. He is very tiny and too quick for my camera. He'll say hello from way over there. I didn't know they were such social creatures. They are almost magical in a way.

14 Nov, 2021


Klahanie, what do you do about feeding them when you go on holiday? Or perhaps living where you do is better than any holiday destination!

14 Nov, 2021


With all the procedures and restrictions on air travel, I cringe just thinking of boarding another plane.

18 Nov, 2021


Those walk-in x-ray machines at the airports are ridiculous. They look like something out of Star-trek. I wonder how much radiation they gave me.

19 Nov, 2021


Wow wonderful :-))

23 Nov, 2021


Amazing :-))

24 Nov, 2021

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