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Our province (the southern part) got hit with with heavy rains past 2 weeks it was relatively warm but the rain was pouring. We call this rain a “pineapple express”. Wikipedia describes it as:
a meteorological phenomenon characterized by a strong and persistent large-scale flow of warm moist air, and the associated heavy precipitation both in the waters immediately northeast of the Hawaiian Islands and extending northeast to any location along the Pacific coast

Finally yesterday clouds opened and some sun appeared.
Going out reveled lots of water everywhere and the roads turned into rivers. Lakes appeared in few places.

My potting wagon is not only full of water but also standing in newly created little lake .

No rain for few hrs so we decided to trim our beautiful ornamental plum as it showed little bit of die-back in summer.

Here is my OH equipped with a pole chainsaw to do the job.

How far can I reach

OMG, look how high he stands on the orchard ladder. Please be careful.

Little bit turns to quite a bit.

Truck is full and enough on the ground for another load.
Just hope the tree will benefit from this chop. It is a spectacular feature here every April.

Only the news reports revealed how bad the damage this rain created is in some places.
90%chance of rain this afternoon . More floods, closed roads, evacuations. Feel sorry for people stuck in this disaster and farmers and their animals.

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Oh dear Klahanie, I saw the weather damage on our news in the UK.
I see what you mean about hubby up the ladder. I hate it when mine goes up a ladder with the chainsaw.

17 Nov, 2021


I'm glad you're safe, I heard how bad the weather there has been.
I'm also glad your husband is now down from that ladder and hope the tree will benefit from it's treatment.

18 Nov, 2021


Gracious Klahanie, you really are enduring a year of extreme weather … 47 degrees in the summer and now dire flooding. In our papers today there are reports of landslides north east of Vancouver, with mud, trees and debris running cars off the roads - dreadful for those affected.

I’m glad you are safe and relieved that Andy didn’t fall. I hope the worst is over for you and your estate. x

18 Nov, 2021


I am so sorry Klahanie to read about the floods! I can't imagine how devastating it is! We saw it on the news last night! At least you are both safe !
Your husband up that ladder so high made me gasp! I would have been scared to watch him!

19 Nov, 2021


It's been on the news here for a few days about floods in British Columbia although last night I watched a programme about floods in New york. It seems to be all over.

19 Nov, 2021


Klahanie thank goodness you haven't been affected by the floods. The way it has rained this autumn makes you wonder if it will empty the sea! There was a drought in the mid seventies and my father in law kept saying that "the water table will never recover!" If it hadn't before this past month will have done it!
Your OH was courageous climbing up to cut the tree - glad he got the job done safely and you can breathe again!.

It does,Thorneyside. Its certainly been like that here and people have lost their lives in the local river (admittedly they shouldn't have been doing what they were doing)

19 Nov, 2021


Horrendous for so many, Klahanie. The damage is often so irreparable isn’t it, for someone have to say, my OH causes me anxiety when he’s up on high branches with a chainsaw..we had a very tall eucalyptus tree several years ago. We decided it had to go and yep…up on the highest branches with his chainsaw and helmet!
Saying that, I’m a bit of a risk taker too…I’m usually climbing up in flip flops!!!!

19 Nov, 2021


Glad all is well where you live but not so good for others you can never underestimate the power of water …

You have a brave man up that ladder Kalhanie 🙂

20 Nov, 2021


Glad you're both safe and sound after the recent ghastly weather. What a year it has been for you both with the extremes! We have a large birch to cut back in the corner of our garden and OH is determined to do it himself. We have had a few 'lively' discussions about it. Glad your OH managed without any mishaps, Klahanie. Let's hope the run-up to the end of the year will be quiet, weatherwise.

20 Nov, 2021

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