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January 6th 2022


Looking out the window first thing in the morning.
Lots more snow .

And suddenly Island is in another emergency. School closed ferries canceled power outages….not the best way to start 2022

OH cleared the driveway around the house and piled the snow on the lawn.

Little bit of colour in the whiteness.

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That looks horrible Klahanie :( I hate snow, it's cold and depressing, not to mention dangerous.
I hope your power is still on and that you have enough provisions in the house and are able to keep warm. It causes such difficulties for people when the power goes off.
I feel sorry for those little birds and all the wildlife really, having to cope with such harsh weather ...
Is it usual for you to get snow like this ?

7 Jan, 2022


ooh wow, that is one large dump of snow.
Like Hywel I hope you are nicely 'battened down' with plenty of fuel and food. As we know many plants will be more than comfortable under their blanket of snow ready to give us joy later in the year.

7 Jan, 2022


Crikey! That’s ‘snow’…the real white stuff isn’t it! It looks absolutely beautiful, despite causing much danger and stress.
I do hope you and OH are safe, Klahanie. As Eileen mentioned - I hope you’re stocked up well with supplies.
Sending my best wishes and please keep well and safe x

7 Jan, 2022


Hywel, Vancouver Island suppose to have a temperate climate, moderated by a Pacific ocean. Not too hot in the summer and not too cold in the winter but it is not the case for past couple of years. We had record heat wave in the summer and some record breaking low temperatures in winter as well. Not to mention these awful floods around in the fall.
We are fine. Our power is on and we are cozy warm. Hopefully it will not last long. No damage so far.

Sbg, you are right many plants like to be under the snow.
My peonies are doing better if they have some snow during the winter.

Kate it looks beautiful. I have not been outside yet but will go out there after OH clears some of it.

Thank you for your comments. Day light is definitely longer and spring is on its way.... so stop your whining Klahanie :-).

7 Jan, 2022


I enjoyed looking at your snow, :-). Glad that you are warm & well stocked up. As you say, all things pass &
Spring is on its way. Happy days to come.

8 Jan, 2022


Good that you're cosy on the inside looking out. Poor wildlife.. I hope it doesn't last too long for you.

8 Jan, 2022


Thanks Feverfew and Anget for your comments :-)

8 Jan, 2022


Oh dear, looks lovely,Klahanie,but only on a photo,in reality ,it's not so good ! I hope you are able to get out soon, and it really does seem to be a sign of our changing climate,I'm afraid..Only way is up,and to enjoy the longer daylight hours,and spring around the corner..hopefully ! take care,x

9 Jan, 2022


Thank you Bloomer for your optimistic and upbeat note xx

9 Jan, 2022


I agree with Bloomer, Khlahanie! Much better on a post card , but not when you have to deal with it!
I hope it doesn't stay around too long and that everything will get back to normal!
Take care and stay warm!

11 Jan, 2022


Thank you for visiting my blog Rose1949.
We had some warmer temperatures past few days so the snow is mainly gone.

14 Jan, 2022


I am pleased about that Klahanie!

15 Jan, 2022

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