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This sign made me smile and think that I am not alone. Our chickadees do the same thing: nest in my hanging pots. I cannot water and the plants usually die but the little chicks live.

Looks like this lady is not happy with her bill. I do not blame her. It is always a shock at the till. :-)

My new 2 cannas

Acer “Summer gold”
Introduced by Fratelli Gilardelli of Milano, Italy.
Hopefully more sun friendly than his “Jordan.” (Sun burns it’s leaves in hot summer)

And whole bunch of work

But not today . It’s pouring rain right now.

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Lovely collection you have acquired there :) I never knew birds nested in hanging baskets they just usually pinch material from mine for their nests lol.

2 May, 2022


Gosh, you've got some planting to do, Klahanie! The acer is an interesting shade. One bird at least is enjoying a 'Homes and Gardens'-type nest. Very chic.

3 May, 2022


:) I have seen a few flying out of holes in the masonry of homes nearby and I think we have starlings nesting on the corner of our guttering where the roof tile overlaps slightly.

3 May, 2022


It is that time of the year Cariad is not it? You might not believe it but I asked my OH to bring all the hanging pots (full of dead plants ) to my potting area this morning and he got one with little tiny faces poking out. Lucky he did not dump the the dirt in the bin without looking. He rushed back to hang it in the original position and we did see mamma going in and out afterwords. What a coincidence ,I thought. They are our little Juncos again. We have a hummingbird feeder next to it and have never noticed the nest.

Anget, most of these plugs will go into my hanging baskets.
Sometimes I feel that our place looks like a Bavarian Village with so many pots hanging around. The acer is very young and spindly now so we will see what it will develop into.
Thanks for your note.

3 May, 2022


That’s lovely, I will always make sure I check in the future. Glad the mamma came back again.

3 May, 2022


Klahanie you are going to be one very busy lady, enjoy the planting, I look forwards to seeing them all when you have finished, going to be so colourful... !!!..
Our local nursery has that happen every year, they always make sure some baskets are in the same spot both winter and summer, my daughter and I always have a peep when we go up there as do many customers, also cheeky robins nesting inside the glasshouses at the GC another favourite place for us but a few miles away from town, the workers provided a specially made window above the sliding doors purposely for the robins to get in and out, its a very busy place but the robins are not in the slightest bit afraid of all the shoppers, its lovely to hear the birdsong as one is wandering around...

4 May, 2022


I was wondering about the birdies's access to this nest Lincslass as it is inside the building with couple of doors which are open during the day bur probably locked at night. I am sure they did something similar as you describe and have some kind of access that birds know about but I did not see.
I am really pleased to hear these stories of people caring about our little friends.

Thanks tor your note Lincslass.

4 May, 2022


What an interesting story, Klahanie! I had to shoo a big Wood pigeon out of one of my hanging baskets some weeks ago! I'm glad it hasn't come back!

Some of the normal pigeons for the last couple of years have tried to make a nest in the balcony as well again this year. I had to go out several days in a row to shoo them away!

Small birds might be more acceptable but pigeons are most certainly not! It's bad enough having to sweep their dropping off the balcony most days!

23 May, 2022


I can see your point Balcony. Thanks for your story :-)

24 May, 2022

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