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Great Horned Owl .(Bubo virginianus)

We do not see this owl very often (thanks goodness)
It showed up the other day and stayed with us the whole day, sitting in the rail by OH’s homemade fountain.

Very intimidating yellow-eyed stare saying: "do not mess with me.

Aggressive , powerful and fearless in its hunting….sometimes known by nickname a ‘tiger owl’

I would not feel comfortable sitting on the deck while it was there. My OH likes owls and we do have a resident Barred owl (Strix varia) staying close by all the time. I call him Barney.

They suppose to be nocturnal but he is hunting during the day also.

He is not sitting there just to look pretty. He is on the hunt. Drama is unfolding now.

Just waiting for an opportunity. I could not see what he was after and hoped that it is not a hummingbird. They have a feeder just a few few feet from his position here.

I’ve never seen him being interested in a hummingbird and they do irritate him on occasion, flying curiously up to his beak.

He was actually after a Junco living in the Virginia creeper on the opposite wall. He got it and flew away. It was sad to see but we have less squirrels and rodents around these days. Junco is a very small bird and I was surprised he would be interested.

I know our robins truly hate him and bunching up together to chase him away. Especially around the breeding season. I know when robins “yell” the owl is around.
A great amount of wildlife surrounding us is a big part of our life here. It is happy and sad, good and bad.

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How lucky you are to have these stunning birds in full view around you! Wonderful photos and thanks for sharing, Klahanie.
On holiday last week we kept hearing a strange kee-wit screech every night that was very loud. We had never heard the noise before and I subsequently discovered it was a female tawny owl. We tracked her down to a large beech tree in the farmhouse garden. You learn something new every day!

25 Aug, 2022


wow what a wonderful specimen. They usually hunt during the day dont they? Wonder why it didnt.
Generally brown/black eyes are nocturnal , orange is at twilight and yellow are diurnal, though many will hunt at different times depending if they are breeding.

I love owls. Not read that book or seen the film which is odd as I do like Colin Firth. Must look out for it.
We get a pair of tawny owls around here and they a such beautiful birds.

25 Aug, 2022


How amazing to have these wonderful creatures in your garden Klahanie, he's stunning! Such a beauty. And little Barney. I do love owls and only see them in birds of prey centres. Saying that there are Tawneys close by hooting in the churchyard at night. It was only yesterday I called in our Men in Sheds place asking if they could make me an.owl box. What type of owl they asked. So I'm looking at Tawney owl boxes..:) favourite of all is our ghostly Barn Owl. Thanks so much for posting this, he really is beautiful.

25 Aug, 2022


Wonderful close-ups Klahanie ā€¦ lovely for us to see. Thank you for sharing šŸ™‚.

25 Aug, 2022


What a stunning bird.

25 Aug, 2022


Some of the best wildlife photos I have ever seen on GOY. I have a protected wooded area in the back of my property and I have heard the great horned owl and screech owl at night but have never seen them in all the years I have been living here. To hear their calls at night still makes my hair stand on end.

25 Aug, 2022


when we got back from taking our youngest to her new home we heard a pair of tawny's in the trees around us. We also saw several barn owls too.

26 Aug, 2022


Klahanie what a smashing blog!! Thanks for sharing your pics with us. What an amazing owl!!! So photogenic. The info you detailed was fascinating too, odd that he was out of his routine? Certainly wasn't afraid was he!
I've really enjoyed reading your blog, enthralling indeed!

26 Aug, 2022


One of the most interesting, unusual and fascinating blogs I have seen on here. Amazing photos plus very informative words.
Many thanks for all you have told us.

26 Aug, 2022


Iā€™m another owl lover, so loved your blog. He is magnificent. They have to live too, so we just have to live with what they do. We have tawny owls Ut they are difficult to see, so just hear them hooting at night. Ty. for your lovely blog & photos.

28 Aug, 2022

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