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I just noticed that Anget deleted her account, I will miss her.

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Oh that is a shame. But that tends to happen over time. Some just stop posting, others get upset over comments and some just loose interest.

I will miss her gardening exploits too.

23 Sep, 2022


I am both surprised and sad to read this news. I know she had lost her gardening mojo a while back, yet seemed to be looking forward to re-planning some borders for next year. I am another who will miss her blogs and photos.

23 Sep, 2022


That’s a pity…I thought she’d got her mojo back recently…I hope she decides to maybe return one day..wishing her well..

23 Sep, 2022


I haven't left! For various reasons I wanted to clear my past blogs.
I have amended my user name. Looking forward to continuing.

24 Sep, 2022


Welcome back, after a very short break!! :o))

24 Sep, 2022



24 Sep, 2022


Glad to see you haven't really left us, Ange! 👍

24 Sep, 2022


Yay!!! That’s good news, Ange! I think you’d have been sorely missed if you’d gone….
Love your avatar, I do hope they are both getting on better and settling in together now 😻

24 Sep, 2022


Thanks, all.

Klahanie, lots of refreshing gone on last week and much happier with the outcome. Planted more shrubs..

Thanks, Balc. Few days only, as 'life' happened between leaving and rejoining!

Kate, they are sleeping in the same room now, so I have my dining room back again! Cookie couldn't be in there forever. They touch noses when they meet but mostly circumvent one another. Still, no blood-letting, thankfully!

24 Sep, 2022


Thats a relief Ange, I would miss you and your garden....Its a shame you deleted your old account though, I love looking back over the blogs....

26 Sep, 2022


Sorry, Lincs!!

Meadow, I've started to pick up the knitting!

27 Sep, 2022

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