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Freely growing (seeding) spring flowers in the area I call Sunvalley.
I know this is not everybody cup of tea but here we go:

Last year seedling

Lots of pretty forget-me-nots

No comment…

Popping out everywhere

There are dozens if not hindereds of them down there

Few Trilliums too.

Around my rhubarb

Winter aconites. These leaves will disappear in mid May and hopefully there are some violets coming.

Plenty of little daisies as well.

Dicentra formosa (Pacific Bleeding Heart) is happy here and can be find in many places

Lamium Yellow archangel is very invasive here and cannot be eliminated. (vinca as well)

I love being down there at this time of year. We have a little orchard and the fruit trees are in full bloom.
We had (finally) couple of warm days and everything is waking up quickly.

Japanese Apple-Pear blooms and fresh new leaves.

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Looks a heavenly area...very restful you attend it a little?

4 May, 2023


beautiful and as for the dandelion it is one of the best flowers for insects and birds. I have a large one in my red/yellow border. If they were pink flowers they would be treasured.

I am so envious that your trilliums grow wild, I cant get them to establish in my garden.

4 May, 2023


Your primulas look so happy Klahanie, and like Eileen Iā€™m envious of your Trillium. Glad you have such a pretty area to make you smile šŸ™‚.

4 May, 2023


I think this area looks beautiful, Klahanie, including the 'no comment' plant. I think self-seeded primroses are my favourite because the mix-and-match produces such gentle, subtle shades. I've noticed all the dandelions left to grow on the road verges around us this year look so very cheerful. As they're usually decapitated it's nice to be reminded how attractive they are - oh, and the daisies, of course.

4 May, 2023


Thank you Julia , I do have some ornamentals there . Few rhodos which are already opening and look gorgeous. Some inherited and some I planted. OH just helped me to plant one few days ago on the orchard side as there is not much colour there. I do maintain it somewhat but it has much more natural feeling than plantings around the house.
SBG I agree...dandelion it is such perfectly shaped yellow flower. I actually like yellow flowers but have already too many out of control.
Sheila, it is my favorite place to be. OH knows where to find me if I am not around. The primulas seem to be multiplying well and I usually pull most of the forget-me- nots when they go to seed.
It is interesting to watch primula's shades Ange. Some can be almost baby blue and some are very strong red (almost burgundy) and everything in between. I also love to be there because it is a spot with lots of singing (chirping) birds.They nest there. Often, I have a conversation with them :-) I know that you are a bird lover so I am sure you would be happy there too.

4 May, 2023


I'm sure I would, Klahanie. I say 'good morning' to all our regulars when I feed them at breakfast time.

4 May, 2023



4 May, 2023


Crikey, Sun Valley is a very colourful and pretty place, Klahanie. Its nice to hear you allow it to do its own thing naturally, most of the time.

4 May, 2023


Love all the primulas Klahanie, the mix and match of colours and such happy little faces.
I know the dandelion is cheery and perfectly formed, and it has edible leaves, but I definitely don't want a lawn full!

4 May, 2023


Beautiful Trilliums Klahanie - do you rind them easy to grow?

4 May, 2023


Thank you Kate, Janey and Stera for your kind comments.
These trilliums just grow by themselves, Stera. I do absolutely nothing to encourage them. Sadly, deer like to munch on them.

5 May, 2023


Sorry,Klahanie, I havent been on Goy much lately, so missed this one of your lovely spring Garden.. Such a varied collection ,and lots of colour,which is so welcoming after the winter. .

23 May, 2023


Thank you Bloomer. XX Hope you and your garden are doing well. Have not seen your lovely plants for a while.

23 May, 2023


Thank you Klahanie,the garden and I are fine..Not a lot changes really, but I'll post a couple of photo's later,of the which I took recently. :o)

25 May, 2023


Looking forward to see them Bloomer.

25 May, 2023

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