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Our wonderful little cockatiel Mr. Kaja died yesterday. We had him for 27 years and he was an absolute pleasure to have around. He was smart and entertaining. We humans underestimate these birds intelligence. He was a big part of our lives . Although we knew that one day we will have to face this moment it did not make it any easier.

Rest in peace our little friend. We will miss you dearly but you’ll stay in our hearts forever.

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Losing such a dear pet and companion will leave a big gap, I'm sure. Mr Kaja will have understood he was much loved and cared for, Klahanie, and you can take consolation from that.

21 May, 2023


So very sorry to hear about your loss,Klahanie..27 years is a very long time there will be a void for quite awhile.

21 May, 2023


Thank you Ange and Julia for your kind words. We buried him on the forest path under the big maple tree,.

22 May, 2023


So sad to loose a friend :(

22 May, 2023


I knew you would understand my sadness Hywel. Thank you.

22 May, 2023


I am so sorry to hear that you have lost such an engaging family member. A good choice for his last resting place. Just be proud of all the love and care you gave him.

23 May, 2023


Thank you SBG , It's going to take some time to get use to the fact that he is not around any more.

23 May, 2023


So sorry you have lost your beloved Kaja, as our pets are very much part of the Family.. He had a good long life, and will always be with you in spirit ,and in his resting place.. x

23 May, 2023


Thank you Bloomer for your warm and wise words.

23 May, 2023


So sorry Klahanie, 27yrs is a very long time , he was beautiful and after all those years together its going be a huge wrench to both of you, you will miss him but he'll always be in your heart

23 May, 2023


Dear Lincslass, I appreciate your note very much , Thank you.

23 May, 2023


He looks splendid in the photo and I am sad to read that he has died. He must have been a very special member of your family and you will miss him so much.
He had a wonderful life I am sure.

27 May, 2023


Wildrose, he was incredibly bright and curious little bird and wanted to be involved in our daily life. It's still feel awkward without him and probably will for a while.. Thank you for your comment.

28 May, 2023


Sorry to hear of the loss of an old friend after 27 years. Was he perched on your knee in the photo?

1 Jun, 2023


My OH knee Siris. They were great buddies.

2 Jun, 2023

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