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Vey cold January


We got a very cold spell from January 9 to January 15.
Temperature went to -11 deg C and I have never experienced temperatures being so low since we moved here.
We covered most of our plants but I was mainly concerned about our little hummingbirds which lately decided to stay on southern part of V. Island all winter. This was probably a lesson for them because our winters are not usually very cold and people feed them during winter . Unfortunately the syrup will freeze solid in this temperature within couple of hours so it needs to be heated or exchanged.
We were doing both. I do have a heater pad for my troubled back which is now in use for heating several hummingbird feeders and we still use some Christmas lights underneath others. My OH installed few electric heaters on our open but roofed deck extension and he is changing the feeders often. Lucky we have lots of them.

There are several hummingbirds who try to protect feeder just for themselves… this handsome fellow

but some are willing to share:

All males arround the table????
….reminds me some restaurants in Italy :-)

Temperatures are starting to rise and I will lift all these covers tomorrow.

Our big camellia is full of buds and they do not seem to suffer

Puzzle done
This was 2000 pieces and took quite a while to complete.

The forecast is improving (thanks goodness) and hopefully in few days we will be way above 0 deg. C
Keep warm my friends in England next week

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Thanks for sharing your news Klahanie - love the pics of your Humming Birds how beautiful and well done in keeping your feeders going - must be time consuming but well worth it to have such colour passing through your garden - Jane

16 Jan, 2024


thanks for the timely reminder to add fresh water to the frozen trays.

nowhere near as cold as you at -3 but still chilly enough. The camellias never seem to mind the very cold do they. Super shrubs.

16 Jan, 2024


I'm glad your weather is becoming less cold Klahanie, it will be better for you, your plants and the humming birds.

By the way, I am in Wales :)

16 Jan, 2024


Oh my word! You really did get some cold. It must have been a shock. I must say, I thought the homeless of V had moved in when I saw the tent! lol! Glad things are returning to normal…poor humming birds!

16 Jan, 2024


I'm sure the hummers appreciate your care, Klahanie. It's not much fun running in and out in that sort of cold but your photos illustrate the reward from your efforts.
Glad to know the shrubs have done ok despite the low temperatures.
That puzzle looks a fiend. There must have been a great sense of satisfaction once completed.

16 Jan, 2024


Lucky hummingbirds to be in your care Klahanie!

Your jigsaw picture is very attractive 🙂.

16 Jan, 2024


You did very well indeed to keep all those humming birds going! I wouldn't have imagined they could stand such cold! You'll get a new generation this summer to enjoy!

We once, many winters ago, when we lived in Spain, had minus 14C one winter when some friends visited us. They had a motor caravan & the extreme cold froze the doors shut so they couldn't get out for a couple of hours! 😆

We have never experienced such low temps as that night! Though we came close during the winter of 2009/10 here in the UK when we had one of those "once-in-a-lifetime" (I've lived through 3 of them in spite of having only one life! 😆) winters! Temps got down to -10C several times during a week - perhaps even lower!

16 Jan, 2024


Thanks Klahanie :)
Although the temperature is below normal here I am hoping we are too far south and west to get the worst of the weather. We seldome get snow if it comes from the north or east, although some might settle on the highest hills.

Hoping it will become milder for us all soon.

17 Jan, 2024


I suspect we will Meadowland ...
We'll probably get all the rain when it comes off the Atlantic next wek :D

17 Jan, 2024


Lucky humming birds having you to look after them!
That is very cold and glad your temperature is rising a bit now.
1 degrees here and for some reason all my birds, blue tits gold finches and sparrows plus one blackbird haven't been seen for days! Very strange!
Your jigsaw was amazing. You must have a lot of patience Klahanie!

17 Jan, 2024


Love your photos of the hummers & your jigsaw . I can guess just how difficult it was. I’ve never done one of 2000 pieces, ( takes us too much space)! My neighbour feeds the birds regularly & has positioned the feeders so I can see them from where I sit. I make sure they have water, I position tea lights under the water dish as someone on GOY
suggested, I have to put hot water on first tho, to thaw the frozen mass. They use it a lot, my cat too, so have to keep refilling. Going to be another frosty one tonight, but I like the sun & frost as I can go out for a nice walk, no mud until it thaws. Thank you for your blog.

18 Jan, 2024


No more frosty nights - for a week or two! But lots more wind & rain!

22 Jan, 2024

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