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Story of two Cherry blosom trees.


Couple of years ago a bought a lovely little Akebono cherry tree. I liked it so much that when I saw another one last year (much taller) for reasonable price i bought it as well,
When they came to flower this spring you would think these are not the same trees.
The new, taller one started to push the leaves first and I thought that there will be no flowers. I was wrong

Warning: “This blog is very confusing.”

Two Akebono Cherry trees (from their labels)

This is the taller tree with leaves

These are flowers on the smaller one and not a sign of leaves what so ever.

Flowers are also different, the smaller one has pink flower buds which when opened are white tinged with pink.
The tall (new one) has pure white smaller flower buds
Now I was curious why the difference.
I went to Wikipedia and other internet forums and found out that I am not the only one confused. So much discussions and opinions.
At the end of my readings I think the newer taller tree is Yoshino Cherry or Prunus x yedoensis not Akebono,(meaning daybreak in Japanese)
The smaller one is what is called Akebono (by many)
The story is that:
A seedling of Prunus x yedoensis was introduced by W. B. Clarke of California in 1920 who propagated, distributed it and named it Akebono. So its some kind of hybrid of Yoshino Cherry, Now, it seems the names are used with no distinction.Akebono is mostly used for the smaller with pinkish flowers but not always, many sites say that Yoshino (Prunus x yedoensis) has pink flowers as well.
And why it matters Klahanie? It does not. I like them both. Although the Akebono seems to be showier than Yoshino.

I was just surprised that nobody really knows and how much confusion is to identify 2 similar but not same objects.

Sorry for my rant. Maybe one day I’ll find the proper answer..

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Not a rant at all, Klahanie, it’s all very interesting as well as puzzling. I must have a look through my little book of cherry trees and see if this name is mentioned.

7 Apr, 2024


I agree, interesting blog. I do hope you get answer one day, but, I wonder if you did? Your research on the net does seem to offer some explanation? Perhaps? But, as you say, you love both of them equally!
They are both very pretty blossom trees. Each one has something to offer in every way don't they.

7 Apr, 2024


I am definitely confused now Klahanie! lol
But they are both lovely and would just enjoy them.

7 Apr, 2024


I wish producers would be more accurate with their labelling - that seems to be the root of the problem. If you definitely wanted 2 of the same trees it would be very annoying. However, they are both very easy on the eye!

7 Apr, 2024


Klahanie, in an old house, many years ago we inherited a 'Kanzan' bang in the middle of a small front lawn (and a second in the middle of the back grass). It was the only thing you saw from the front window. I hated the colour and couldn't escape it! The people who bought the house from us promptly chopped them down..

7 Apr, 2024


Klahanie … in my little book, just Prunus yedoensis (Yoshino cherry) but no mention of Akebono. Sorry.

7 Apr, 2024


Yes, I think he discovered the “lost” Prunus Tai Haku in an English garden … one of my favourite Japanese cherries!

Isn’t it annoying to suddenly see adverts in the middle of our blogs?

8 Apr, 2024


I really like both of them Klahanie, it must be a mix up somewhere down the line, which is annoying when you wanted 2 the same. I think my favourite is the smaller Akebono though.

9 Apr, 2024



9 Apr, 2024


I do not see any of my comments . Do you? I also do not see any of my " likes" I gave. I do see everybody's else.
Not sure if this will show-up.. Just testing.
Do not see any comments I gave to others either. Although they are in the comment section on this site.
Quite frustrating..

14 Apr, 2024

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