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Arn't they sooooo cute #2


The rabbits are still at it. My red wave petunia

Is now reduced to THIS!!! I moved the pot higher up on the stand so that maybe it will recover.

I did put a barrier around my dwarf burning bush and it actually has some leaves now. :))

But do I think the rabbits are the only ones reaking havoc in my garden…Nope.

This little guy is so very cute

Especially with his cheeks stuffed with sunflower seeds.

2 days ago I noticed a cluster of sunflower seedlings coming up in the container that used to have my ladybird poppies. This morning I noticed a cluster of sunflower seedlings coming up in the pot that contains my azalea.

In trying to decide how a cluster of seeds ended up in these pots it dawned on me that the chipmunk most probably hid them there for later.

I returned home for lunch and had decided I needed to move the petunia up in the stand. I went outside to make the adjustment and guess what I found.

The critter that buried the seeds had came back for them :~/

Double Arggg!!!!

Also a before and after of Astilbe’s home

Happy Gardening.


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Perhaps this is how the Hanging Gardens of Babylon came about? An effort to raise plants out of the way of rabbits and chipmunks. Looks like you'll have to "grow" lots of chicken wire so your plants will be saved from the ravages of the beasties! ;o)

15 Jul, 2009


and I thought having slugs was a problem :)))

15 Jul, 2009


You must admit they are cute though. lol.

15 Jul, 2009


oh yes, I just love that chipmonk

15 Jul, 2009


Tell me about it! putting the chicken wire around individual plants helped me too. When I first moved here my neighbour said to me that I will not have any plants left when the rabbits have finished with them. I said oh yes! I will! Look at my garden now. The wires around the plants did a great job.

15 Jul, 2009


Hi Kris, Great blog and photos. My only problem is cats using my veg beds as toilets :~((. Critters do look lovely but they are so destructive !

15 Jul, 2009


hi all, thanks for the comments. I will continue to take measures to protect some of the plants from the cuties. but won't be doing much to keep them out of the garden. If I can feed the birds and squirrels, I guess I can feed the bunnies and chipmunks...but with care for the survival of my plants. :)

15 Jul, 2009


Perhaps you could set up a feeding station.....well away from the flowers LOL

15 Jul, 2009


This year I believe it is too late but next sping I believe I will plant some lettuce and maybe some spinach just for the bunnies. Maybe they'll leave the other plants alone if they have that.

Kris the dreamer

15 Jul, 2009


You can 'train' wild animals to go to a specific place to eat just by leaving food there for them and detering them from going near your plants. The sooner you start............
Lots of luck........Ian

15 Jul, 2009


On the other hand, making a "feeding station" could bring your critters in from miles around and while they are eating at the Bunny Cafe they will get a whiff of what else may be on offer and head in to the main restaurant!

16 Jul, 2009

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