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Coffee Grounds


By kowhai


In my last blog, I mentioned using coffee grounds as a snail and slug proof mulch around hosts. What I didn’t include then was a photograph to show what it all looks like. Here it is. (The red petals are from the nearby Japanese japonica.)

What I also forgot to mention last time were the erythronium ‘pagoda’ flowers. These, like the hellebore and the Hawera daffodils modestly look down, so they’re always viewed from above. They are a small but delicate addition to the burgeoning border.

There is also another modest flower elsewhere in the north facing border: the brunerra. I was given the mother plant by an acquaintance, and eventually divided it into five ‘daughters’ which are scattered about the border. Their foliage looks good with the ferns, which, at the moment, are just thinking about putting out leaves.

The other thing which has struck me this past few days is the way the borders have almost over night become full of foliage. Everything seems to growing frantically and there isn’t a bare patch in either border now.

The hemerocallis in a big pot are almost growing as you look at them. I did mean to divide them into two big pots during the fallow season, but didn’t get round to it. Last year they provided weeks of dozens of flowers. The acanthus is also doing well, and finally, a pot full of violas, which survived the worst that the winter could provide, have leapt back into action.

Finally, I managed to fill six more buckets with wood chips this morning (see my previous blog). So, I’m ready to do some more mulching once the celandine have died back in the south facing border. My next chore there is to start putting in the hoops to support the hardy geraniums before they grow to tall. Truly, garden chores never cease!

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Great photos, it's wonderful how it all starts shooting away seemingly overnight!

15 Apr, 2012


Had to have a chuckle at the mental pic of you tidying up the woodchips, thats the answer if anyone queries what you are doing.
Your borders are certainly looking full, thats very much what I like to do, no space for weeds is my way of thinking, I do like the pagoda flowers, they are dainty, I,m wondering if thats what I have in my raised bed, I popped some new bulbs in last autumn then lost the label but that name has rung a bell, lol, they are budding up now so should find out soon.
Yes its that time of year in the garden, even emptying the teapot can take an age as one spots a little something to do on the way....

15 Apr, 2012


you have some lovely plants in your garden, how much coffee do you need to drink to be able to put so much around the hostas ~ i think i will have to run a cafe to go round mine!!!

15 Apr, 2012


Thanks for comments. I like to potter in the garden in my dressing gown before starting the 'real' day. As to coffee grounds, I save them from the breakfast plunger over about six months. I put them into the same kind of 'bucket' that I use for the wood chips. These containers have been saved from the pelletted chicken manure I use on the borders. there's always a use for such things.

Linclass, I hope those bulbs turn out to erythronium. They are a delight.

15 Apr, 2012


Isn`t it wonderful when seemingly overnight you go from bare soil and twiggy branches to borders full of beautiful plants and trees draped in leaf and blossom, its such a pick me up after the winter blues.
Hostas have always been the bane of my life so I shall try your coffee remedy and keep fingers crossed.

16 Apr, 2012

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