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Has it been that long?


Goodness, I didn`t realise I hadn`t blogged since the 13th. Mind you I HAVE been very busy what with working at a garden centre, the plants have been selling as quickly as they arrive. It does make the time at work fly by but I`m shattered by the time I get home at 1pm, unless of course I stay on for a couple of hours. When I get home I spend the rest of the afternoon in the garden and by the time I get around to using the PC its often about 8pm and I`m too tired to blog and I really need to catch up.

Allium `Cristophe` Sorry if I haven`t spelt that right!

Iris `Top Flight` I was thrilled when it flowered this year. Last year, for whatever reason it had no flowers at all but it has surpassed itself this year.

Polymonium `Bressingham Purple`

I`ve forgotten the name of this..I know its Cal…something…lol!

The first roses on climber `Laura Ford`, its got lots more since I took this photo though.

My greenhouse that was full when I made my last entry is now almost completely empty. The bedding plants and tomatoes are all outside now and are doing well. The only things left in the greenhouse are Red Peppers and Jalapenos. I had a smashing crop of peppers last year and I took the seeds from one of them to get this years plants. I`ve planted up large pots with a variety of plants though I must buy a few more to fill up the last one. This is the first year that I guessed right as to how much compost and topsoil I would need. I just have enought left for the last raised bed that Jim put in today. I plan to plant that up with salad crops, we buy so much of it that it will be nice to have our own fresh from the garden.

Jim has repaired the rustic bench and there is no way it will give way again in the foreseeable future. He did such a good job that I think a baby elephant could sit on it without it breaking…not that I`m likely to find out…lol!

I nearly forgot to mention that I`ll try to catch up on your blogs and photos, like I said I`m so behind with them!

Bye for now. :o)

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all looking lovely sandra and i bet you have been very busy at work with the lovely weather, its hard to keep up and get things done in garden to, enjoyed your blog ;o))

25 May, 2010


Beautiful rose Sandra.

25 May, 2010


Is the Cal ...calceolaria,Sandra? Don't think my spelling is right either ! Don't really know,but worth a guess ...:o)

25 May, 2010


I think it's calceolaria aswell.
DDon't worry if you can't catch up. I don't now. I just start again on that particular day. It's almost impossible with all that gets put on here.

25 May, 2010


You have been busy!! lovely pics!!

26 May, 2010


Definitely caldeolaria - wel all agree! I also agree with what Hywel says - I'm so far behind I'll have to jump forward a few days. I think your Allium is 'Purple Sensation' - smaller than Christophii but a much more vibrant colour. Glad you can sit on your seat again, when you've got time. Saying that you should make time to sit and enjoy your garden.

28 May, 2010


Hi Sandra
We have set some different salad leaves in a pot in the garden and it says the more you pick the leaves it grows more ,so like you say its nice to have it fresh .Glad Jim has mended your seat for you ,now sit on it and admire your beautiful garden
Love and hugs

31 May, 2010

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