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Getting Stuck In Again


I`ve had an eventful and costly couple of weeks, first the kettle needed replacing followed by the burnt out motor of the Dyson. Then our old and ailing boiler that has been long threatening to give up the ghost is at last being consigned to the council dump on Thusday when a spanking new one arrives. Perry had to go to the vet for the second time in a fortnight, firstly with a canine version of a cold and now he has developed painful Wet Excema on his neck. Our new vet gave him an antibiotic injection and tablets and they seem to be working thank goodness, he seemed so uncomfortable before but now he is much more relaxed.

I`ve spent a lot of time in the garden when the weather has allowed. The roses are pruned, a couple of borders have been tidied, leaves cleared away and some small pots of spring bulbs planted. I`ve divided a large clump of Knifophia `Flamenco` and re-planted a smaller section…now that WAS hard work, my shoulders are really aching today from the effort. I`ve put my seed potatoes in egg boxes to chit and I`ve planted begonia corms and five out of the seven are shooting already. I`ve also been exploring other garden centres and have picked up a few bargains and what with all the other bargains I`ve acquired from here and there my small patio now resembles a garden centre. I really must get planting this week.

Jim and I have decided to move house next year. We were going to wait until nearer the time we retired but after weighing up the pros and cons we`ve decided to go sooner. Now I will have to make some decisions about the garden and although I want to get it nice for Summer I`ll certainly be working out what I`ll be taking and what I`ve have to leave. My Heuchera collection is coming with me for certain and I`ll start making lists when the plants come back to life in the Spring.

Just a few photos, I hope you like them.

I bought this support for my Peony because its so big now and I think this type will make it look more natural than the one I usually use.

Just a few of my new purchases, Nandina `Fire Power`, white and yellow crocuses. I`ve wanted the Nandina for a while so I thought it was time I had one….that will come with me too!

I also got some so-called thorn resistant gloves (yeh right!) and Dahlia `After Eight`.

My raised beds ready and waiting to be planted when the seed potatoes are ready.

Evergreen Clematis `Oberon` looking healthy despite the hard winter.

Snowdops under the magnolia.

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Oh dear, Sandra, well I guess things come in 3's so the kettle, the Dyson & the boiler take care of that old saying! I won't even ask how much the Vet fees were, having just had all the problems with Mum's cat, I expect they were high! I remember you saying last year about moving, nearer to your son if my memory is right? We've been here about 10 years and I wish now that I'd brought more plants from the previous garden. I didn't have the time back then to garden as much, so I only potted a few. You've got some good purchases there, especially the plant support. I've been removing tiny splinters from cutting back Berberis, not even in my garden, comes through from the one behind! Make sure you wear your gloves for those prickly jobs. : o ))

13 Feb, 2011


All looks good. You will have to start putting things in pots then, to take with you. Exciting time ahead, although maybe a little frustrating too.

13 Feb, 2011


what a time you have had sandra, poor perry, its a common thing with labs having skin probs, i remember when i had shebs the vet telling me, she had episodes of dry excema, i learned that adding some olive oil to their food was good for their skin and coats, not to much, about a spoonfull, desert spoon,
glad you made some nice purchases sandra and your moving to, so much going on, good idea making a list of plants to take, dont want to be starting from scratch again, good luck with everything , hope perry is soon back to normal ;o))

13 Feb, 2011


Hi Sandra,what a time you have had, we were like that before xmas..i was going to say the same as Cinders about putting plants-bulbs in pots..did you get a garden fairy to take a pic of the snowdrops

13 Feb, 2011


i think all the appliences new about the vat.....we have had to replace the washing machine and the freezer....
i cant imagine moving....must be soo exciting for you. will you be going far?

13 Feb, 2011


Joan..I was the garden fairy who took the photo though I had trouble getting up again!

Shirley, we`re planning on moving near to our daughter Kerry but at the moment she is house-hunting herself so we`ll have to wait and see where she ends up first. We`re hoping it won`t be too far from Jim to travel to work. I`ll definitely being taking lots of plants but I`m not telling Jim of my plans just yet...I did say we`ll probably fill up the removal van but I`m sure he thought I was!

Sandra, thanks for the tip for Perry, it sounds a really good idea. :o)

Sandra, I doubt we`ll go further than thirty miles away give or take. It will be into the countryside though. It was that way here years ago but its become so built up we just want to get away.

14 Feb, 2011


Ah, I thought you might be moving to Hampshire! It's the same round here, so much building has gone on. I'm sure if somebody who'd been away for 20 years or so, came back, they wouldn't know the place now! I guess because it's ideal for commuting to London/Portsmouth/Brighton etc. A village pub which has stood for over 80 years has been demolished to make 11 units for Social housing and a lovely old house, with lots of land, is going the same way. : o ((

14 Feb, 2011


Kerry lives in Tadley, Hants at the moment and really loves it there Shirley, the only problem being is they both work at Heathrow airport and it costs a fortune travelling there and back everyday. They have both tried getting jobs in the area but there isn`t anything around at the moment so they very reluctantly looking at the Bracknell, Berks area. We`ll go in that direction but preferably in one of the surrounding villages. What a shame about that pub, developers would build on a postage stamp given half the chance.....:o(

14 Feb, 2011


Lots of lovely plants... the clematis looks perky :o)

14 Feb, 2011


Isn't it nice buying plants.
I remember those days of getting things ready for moving :o( I tried to bring a bit of everything lol. It took a day to move the furniture and all the following week to move the plants. I had so many, and some down in my father's garden aswell.
It might be a good thing you're hoping to move next year. You'll be settled in and able to enjoy your retirement now

What's that square thing in the sky above the snowdrops (last pic)

14 Feb, 2011


Hywel, its a bird feeding tray,,,I suppose at that angle it does look a bit! :o)

15 Feb, 2011


Thanks. It looks as if it's just hanging in the air lol

15 Feb, 2011

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