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Isn`t it funny that something that puzzles you the most often has the simplest solution. I`ve been wracking my brain thinking of something that would keep Perry off my raised beds without spoiling the look of the wooden arch that crosses the path there. Then out of the blue it hit me and it couldn`t have been simpler…..

Just three canes slotted through the sides of the arch and he can`t get through…he is NOT at all pleased about it either I can tell you, in fact the look he gave me spoke volumes… I had to call him back for this photo because he`d just given up and had laid down on the lawn with a big sigh…lol! At least now he can`t walk all over my newly planted potatoes with feet the size of a yeti!

I`ve taken full advantage of the last two sunny days and got on with some serious gardening. Jim repaired the broken fence and when he`d finished I dug over the border there and added loads of blended farm manure to give the soil some texture. When I removed the plants a couple of them fell into pieces, Lobelia `Tanya` is now three plants and Lobelia `Scarlett` (not its real name but it had lost its name tag and I re-christened it!) became two plants. Now I have all these lovely Lobelias to look forward too in Summer, they really are a treat.

I never thought I`d be so happy to have a patch of bare earth but it makes all the difference to have our privacy back once more. The neighbour`s children kept calling Perry to the fence and then teasing him and their visitors, or which there are many, kept looking over too..oh dear, it does make me seem very unfriendly but I can assure you thats not the case…lol!

I`ve put in all the plants I`ve bought over the winter months including Heucheras `Gypsy Dancer`, `Chocolate Ruffles` and `Beauty Colour`. Several ferns, all Polystichum types and Crocosmia `Masoniorum`.

I`ve planted them under an Acer in the north-facing border where they should thrive.

This is one of the raised beds where I`ve planted first-early potatoes, Vales Emerald and Duke of York..hmm… it just occurred to me that the Queen`s son and a potato share a name and it struck me as funny given the recent news but no matter, back to the garden…lol!

I`ve weeded and added more farm manure as I went along and the soil couldn`t be in any better condition than it is now…I wish I could say the same about my back though!

These are just a few of the Begonia corms I planted just a couple of weeks ago, they are doing so well and not one of them has failed. I hope I have the same success with the summer bulbs that are sitting in the greenhouse.

I just noticed this afternoon that the Sweet Peas are peeping through the compost…I was getting worried that they had failed and was planning on buying some plants. Even though I only have summer bulbs in the greenhouse so far I still have plenty of room for more plants…because I know I`ll buy some however hard I try not too…lol! :o))

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Garden and greenhouse looking good :o)
I hope Perry doesn't learn to limbo-dance ...
or high jump... lol.

9 Mar, 2011


Great blog, really enjoyed reading it. You have been working really hard, its so nice to do things like that and see everything taking shape.

9 Mar, 2011


poor perry doesnt look amused sandra lol good idea though, looks like you have been busy to and your greenhouse seems to be getting full there sandra :o)

9 Mar, 2011


What a lovely garden with a lovely friend to help and hinder you! lol :O) Great idea to stop his large (whopping) paws. He really is a beautiful dog.

9 Mar, 2011


What a great idea Sandra,and its true ,the simple ideas are the best..Aw,his face says it all..!Your garden and plants are coming on a treat,and worth all the hard work..

9 Mar, 2011


The face says it all! LOL Perry is not amused.

9 Mar, 2011


What a novel idea as a fence. Let's hope Perry doesn't get "wise" to it. Your begonias look very lively, full of lovely new green shoots. Send us some photos when they come into flower.

9 Mar, 2011


Poor Perry He looked so sad :o(( lol
But I know what you mean. I have trouble with Blodyn scratching earth over my paths and rearranging my plants, but it would take more than a few sticks to stop her lol Anyway I preffer her to do it in my garden than someone else's.

Plants do have a habit of falling appart when you dig them up don't they - you'd think they'd have a bit more consideration lol :D

10 Mar, 2011


oh dear poor Perry....i wish i could stop mine with three canes.....

10 Mar, 2011


If Perry hasn`t worked out how to remove those canes within a day, then he doesn`t know he`s a lab and you have got yourself a treasure,LOL.
Seriously tho, I hope it does work for you because their feet are big and no matter how well behaved they are, sometimes they insist on going through instead of around .My neighbours are lovely and we get on well but they do insist on leaning over to chat to the dogs which encourages them to try and climb the fence, therefore causing damage in certain parts, very frustrating at times....

10 Mar, 2011


Thank for you lovely comments everyone...Perry has learned to go UNDER the canes so I had to add another to the bottom rung of the arch, that really flummaxed him and now he is really is cross with cross in fact that he got hold of my tube of hand cream and chewed it up! It doesn`t seem to have done him any harm but I have to buy some more hand cream...grrr!

10 Mar, 2011


sandra he has been practising his Limbo dancing hahaah

15 Mar, 2011


Well, if looks could kill you would be a dead pheasant!!!
And manages to stick his nose in the air at the same time. He really is a beauty Labdancer. But oh...those feet really are large lol!
The garden is starting to look at! lol!

16 Mar, 2011


I'm laughing at the look on Perry's face, it say's.. let me in.. no.. ok.. I'll jump when your not looking.. I mean it! lol!

22 Apr, 2011


Just saw comment about your handcream, Brynner and Morgan love ours I have just finished a tube whereby I didn`t have to remove the lid, just gave a squeeze and the cream came out from lots of holes,lol, waste not want not........

22 Apr, 2011

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